Jeezum! This weather...

paulaj(z5 ME)May 18, 2007 disgusting!

And it isn't even as bad as last year. My garden never really dried out: when I pulled out last years tomato stakes last week, the bottom few inches were mucky. And now the soil is cold and the veg garden is filling up with water in the walkways. Someone put a new house up next door too, and the drainage is worse now. Should I raise my beds even higher?

The compost pile is a wimpy 60º, air temp 42º. It was still frozen a couple weeks ago.

The fox out back is bold, she must be hungry. The racoon too, out in the daylight(not rabid) looking for food for her litter.

My peas, spinach, lettuce, chard, kale and mesclun are up. My tomatoes are whining in their flats. Wish I had a greenhouse. I guess I am whining too!

I am so glad I planted lots of pansies!!

Did anyone lose anything? Southern NE got hit badly. But where I am, we had enough snow cover to get us through those extraordinary winter extremes. I lost a clematis, and my new buddleia. I lost a rose. But I always lose a rose in the front yard. Never again will I plant one there. Madame Hardy, though, has lived up to her name in a more sheltered spot, and would be very happy if only it was a little warmer.

I know, it was all my fault. I put away my xc skis in the first week of April, and look what happened!!

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I do have a greenhouse and I'm still whining. I've never had to have the heat on during the day in mid May. It's usually off for the season in early May. My peas in the hoop house will blossom soon but the ones outdoor are probably rotting in the ground. The greens are all up and the onions don't seem to mind this cold. I lost the top 3' of a rose bush. I looked at it out the window today and noticed green shoots coming from the bottom so it's not dead.

My husband and daughter just spent four days on the Allagash. Last week - high 80°'s. This week - snow yesterday morning. When I talked to them a couple of hours ago they'd had enough camping and were ready to get home to a warm house.

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

Yes we had a nice couple weeks where I actually wished for rain, and now look what happened. Nonstop rain for 48 hours and cold too. I had a greenhouse and haven't even put my tomatoes and peppers out there yet, was going to this week but then it got too cold.

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I agree---this weather is getting to be very annoying! I just checked the forecast--frost warning tonight for my area [SOB]. I did lose a couple of delphiniums and one climbing rose which was really marginal for my zone. Everything else seems to have survived.

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