plant swap idea

cindyroseobMay 18, 2009

We've all talked about trying to get a plant swap together in Maine...what if we posted what we each have extra to give away, and if someone is interested, and lives nearby, we could connect? I don't have a lot of extra stuff, since I just moved a year and a half ago, I'm just starting out again, but I've got some moss phlox(white and lavender) that I could easily give some pieces away if someone was interested. It spreads pretty quickly. I live in Windham and work in Scarborough.

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I am not opposed to the idea but getting together would also be fun. I am in Saco and have lots of daylilies that will need to be thinned but not until after they bloom. First, I have no idea what they are (not good with labels) and second I want to enjoy them this year.
I have several hostas that I keep splitting and they just keep expanding, several bleeding hearts the same. Not sure what else but anytime I have been involved in a swap on the round robin forum, I just wander my yard and dig.


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I think it would be fun to get together too! I love sharing and receiving perennials- it's the best way to expand your garden without breaking the bank. Also, I like having the memory of whoever gave you that plant, every time you tend it.

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Please may I join you? Hollis Center, hosta, daylilies, ajuga, creeping Jenny.

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I'd come to a get together down 'south', I am a bit north of Brunswick. I have some Bachelor's Button (mine is white with blue/purple center), Forget-me-nots, mums (sort of a rust color, very hardy), and some very nice multicolor (purple/yellow/white) iris that are just opening up. Would love some creeping phlox and possibly some hosta.

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When would you like to do this? You can certainly come here although I am in Saco near the ocean. Do you want to schedule it for the next couple of weeks? It gets way too busy during the fourth and I have company the weekend of the 20th but we could certainly get together for a brunch on a Saturday or Sunday. Any suggestions?

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Hello ALl

I would love to be part of the plant swap.
I'm in the kennebunks.
I have Eqyptain Onion, Rose Campion, spearment, Sundrops,
lily of valley, maybe red dahlias if they come back. It has been so cold! I think I replanted them too early this year. I would love some hostas, daylilles, phlox, bleeding hearts. JUme 6 and 7th won't work for me but any other weekend would. How about sunday brunch June 14?

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I also have the herbs southernwood and fever few to share and might have one or two echinacea to share


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So.....Diene, are you game for hosting this plant swap? You name the date; maybe we could do a "potluck" brunch, everyone brings their plants they'd like to share along with a dish, donuts, muffins, bagels, coffee, or juice....what do you think? I think it would be a ball!! A Saturday works better for me.

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The plant swap sounds great. I hope it can be done. I can do saturday, June 13th. I also have purple siberian Irises to share.


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That date works for me as well.

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marthacr(z5 Me)

I'd love to come but I have a graduating HS senior and that date will be too hectic for me. If you do it again next year, I'll be ready! I'm in the Rockland area. If there's anyone who would be willing to host one around here, it would more feasible for me this year. Or if anyone just wants to do a private swap, I'd do that, too.

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HelLo all,

Is anyone still intersted in having a plant swap this month? If you are please post and let see what we can come up with. Maybe we can just swap online and just meet somewhere neutral like a beach to do the actual exchage of plants? Next saturday is still good for me


Blake South coastal Maine

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I am so sorry that I disappeared, I have house guest for the next two weekends so I cannot host a plant swap and next saturday I also have a graduation to attend. I also do not have that much to swap right now, my irises are blooming so I do not want to disturb them. My lilies have not started and neither have my daylilies. I do have bleeding hearts, sedum & hostas I could split but I am now wondering if fall might not be a better time. I will pay more attention to this thread. I did check for a few days and there did not seem to be much interest.

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I'm in Cumberland F, off Rt 88 (no waterviews) and interested in participating in a swap. Fall would be my first choice, but I'll happily keep an eye on the site! Very happy to have found it. hate to throw stuff away

Not organized enough to know what I need to dig the most, but Siberian Iris', pink astilbe, and several hostas are definitely on the list.

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Hello Maine Gardeners,

Well, I guess we should just keep this thread going until we all can agree when to meet. It looks like a fall swap is what is people are leaning towards
Debbie, I would love to swap with you for your pink astilbe and hostas. What are you looking for? Anything in particular? If I don't have a plant that you need or want, I can always barter something else like a delicious apple knobby cake or a tarot card reading for them.


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Hello Blake;
I have hostas that can be split. I am not good at keeping the tags that come with them but I have many different varities. I am in Saco so that is easy for you.
I would love an apple knobby cake especially if it comes with the recipe.
My neighbors dropped off some hen clams they had dug on the beach and I made clamcakes for the first time tonight. I am not a seafood lover but DH said it was wonderful.
The hardest thing was cleaning the clams. I will host a fall swap, we can even shoot for August if people would like.
Why doesn't someone pick a date and we will start planning.

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Hello Diene,

Well it seems you are already into summer making clams cakes! When I lived in Baltimore we use to make crab cakes all the time.

It's okay if you don't know the name of the hostas, I don't keep names either. Yes, the apple knobby cake will come with recipe. Just let me know when you would like to make the exchnage.

That is good of you to offer to host a fall swap. August is fine with me too. I guess we will just have to wait as see who will suggest a date and who will be interested.

Maybe when we settle on a date, we should start a new thread stating the swap date to get others interested.


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Hello Blake;
I think that is a wonderful idea, I will check with DH about his schedule or he will be cranky. Then we can decide from there. I was going to e-mail you privately about arranging a meeting time and date but you do not have that capability open on your page. Can you send me an e-mail. Thanks.


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I have available:
globe bellflower Campanula Glomerata-- I think it is called Joan Elliot
Centaurea Hypoleuca - I think John Coutts
Miscellaneous day lilies
Siberian iris - beautiful reddish violet (actually, looking it up I wonder if it might be Oregon iris)
black raspberry
sundrops (oenothera)
tall meadow rue (thalictrum)
jointed violet
purple veronica longifolia
maybe poppies

I want
bleeding heart
actaea (black cohosh)
plants with peach/apricot colored flowrs-- verbascums, yarrows or?
golden marguerite
Japanese primrose
Japanese / fall blooming anemone
variegated foliage whatevers

I am in Gardiner-south of Augusta. Can trade now one-on-one or would love to participate in a group swap. Why don't we schedule a series month by month up and down the coast? I could do one in Mid-July, if there's enough interest in this part of the state. I am about 2 miles off Rt 295, a block off 201.

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I have bleeding heart, golden marguerites, variegated hosta, variegated weigelia, yucca, a peachy quince that is putting out some new shoots.
Not sure about the variegated weigelia, I am not very good at rooting cuttings but you can certainly try.
Mid July is too crazy busy for me but if you are still looking for this in the fall, let me know.

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Diene, I emailed you last week. I don't know if you got the email or not. But you can e mail me directly at

drkala, I don't think I would be able to do a mid July swap.
But I do hope we all can get together to swap in August or September


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drkala, I am right around the corner from you on the River Road in Richmond. I unfortunately don't have anything on your want list, but I would love to have a plant swap in our area in a few weeks. I have everything I mentioned in my previous post (Mums, Bachelors Button, Forget-me-nots, lots of iris). I also have lots of very hardy oregano - the purple flowers are a bee magnet, and I have some nice black eyed susans and some common orange daylily. I'm interested in some of your veronica. Any other folks out there in the greater Gardiner area?

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