Odd behavior in japanese maple

starina(z6 cny)May 21, 2009

This is the maple I had trouble id'ing earlier theis spring. It is exhibiting two distinclty different forms of foliage.

Is tis a common event with A. palmatum? We have tenatively identified the 1st form as 'Beni shichihenge'. I'm quite confused by this event, although it certainly makes for an interesting tree!

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The second photo shows a reversion back to plain green. I've seen this occasionally on my Orido Nishiki. You can leave the branch as an oddity, or remove it. Just make sure not too many of these reversions are left to grow. Since they're larger and greener, they can potentially overtake the variegated portions.

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starina(z6 cny)

Thank you! I'm a bit fascinated by the way this tree has the reverted branches distributed. It seems random, and on some, there is two types of growth. Very interesting, as long as I don't lose the ON.

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Is that branch above or below the graft union? If its below, it could be a shoot from the understock coming out. It should be removed immediately, regardless.



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starina(z6 cny)

There are several branches like the 2nd photo, intermixed with the ON. All well above the graft union. Quite interesting. I wonder what caused the reversion, overfertilizing at the nursey perhaps? Speculation...

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Because we don't fully understand what causes variegation in the first place, we can't fully understand why they randomly revert back to normal. I hope I live long enough for scientists to figure out how to induce variegation. I've got some plant species I'd love to get variegated versions of ...

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