Is it too late to plant corn in Maine?

lamb_abbey_orchards(5A / Midcoast Maine)June 10, 2009

I've been so swamped getting the rest of a large vegetable garden planted this year, that corn has been put off until the very end. I'd like to see if I can get a corn crop in this year, but don't know if I'll have much luck if the seeds goes in this week (June 11 & 12). I've got the seed, and most varieties I have are said to mature in the 72 to 80 day range. I don't want to take the effort to plant it if it's simply a futile undertaking at this point.

Any thoughts? I'm located in Union, about 20 miles West of Camden. Thanks.


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I am wondering the same thing, but I went ahead and gamely stuck some Amish Butter Flavor Popcorn, Japanese Hulless Popcorn, and Abenaki Flint Corn in a raised bed where scarlet runner beans are planted also, to see what would happen. If the corn comes up, and the beans grow up the stalks, great. If all I get out of the corn are stalks, no loss.

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I think you have plenty of time if you get a fast growing seed. You have 90 days at least.

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adirondackgardener(Western Maine)

I grow 85 day Golden Bantam corn and plant a block every week or so until mid June. Spreads the harvest out a bit.


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lamb_abbey_orchards(5A / Midcoast Maine)

Thanks for the feedback. It's been too rainy over the last couple days to plant anything, but the weekend looks good. I've got three varieties of sweet corn, one variety of popcorn and one variety of flint corn to go in, and I'm guessing it'll probably just be the flint corn that will be a problem. It takes 100 days and the others between 72 and 88. What the heck though, I'll plant the flint corn too and see what happens.

Thanks again.


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lamb_abbey_orchards(5A / Midcoast Maine)


I'm curious about the flint corn you planted. I'm getting all of my corn in tomorrow, but the variety I'm most worried about is a flint corn that I'm growing for polenta. It takes 100 days to mature, but I'm hoping that given the fact you grow it clear through the dried stage is the reason it takes as long as it does, and that the temps in Sept might not be as much of an inhibitor as they would be for sweet corn.

Have you grown flint corn before? How has it done for you up here? The variety I'm growing is called Floriani Red Flint. I've posted a link below so you can see what it is and read about it. I'm curious what the Abenaki Flint Corn is all about that you referenced and what you're growing it for specifically.

I appreciate any feedback.


Here is a link that might be useful: Floriani Red Flint Corn (for polenta)

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