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veilchen(5b southern Maine)June 30, 2005

Did anyone else get the torrential downpour yesterday afternoon? I left the house to go to the library, it had just started sprinkling. I thought about staking a few of my delphiniums before I left but the rain didn't seem like it was going to do more than give us a tease of some much-needed water.

Shortly after arriving at the library, the rain was coming down in buckets, along with thunder and lightning. It was so much so fast the parking lot was flooded and I had to take my shoes off to run to my car.

I have a drain in front of my house, and when I got home the water was pooled up around it and most of the front yard and garden. Thinking maybe the drain was clogged with some debris, I walked out there (in the rain & lightning) to see if I could unclog it. No clog, but by the time I reached the drain the water was up to my knees! Just too much rain too fast, overwhelming the sewers.

Thankfully the water drained shortly after the rain stopped. But my garden's a mess, foxglove and delphiniums 50% of flower spikes are lying on the ground or seriously leaning. Other perennials are flattened. I started to shake some of the water off the plants but the mosquitos were vicious. Lots of clean up work to do today!

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What a shame! We were lucky this time---the storm missed us by just a few miles. I saw pictures of Manchester, New Hampshire on the news this morning. Major flooding of streets. I hope your garden is drying out---we sure don't need any more rain for awhile!

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