Transplant Jap Maple

gigim(8A SC)May 1, 2013

I have a very small JM that I need to move. Trunk is about the size of my pinky finger and it is about 2 1/2' tall. I think the fall is the best time to move. Can anyone give me other advice to make this a success? I have read so many different points online. To prune top or not to prune? Burlap around root ball? How far out from trunk to dig? Thank you.

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You don't say what your location is or how long the tree has been in the ground but in my PNW zone 8 location I would move it now. A tree that small obviously hasn't been around too long and so the root system should still be compact and quite manageable. No pruning and no need to wrap rootball. Just prepare new planting home adequately first, move and replant ASAP. Water in well. Take as generous a rootball as you can manage - I'd start at about 8-10" away from trunk. With a large rootball it is easiest to just dig out the plant, lay on a plastic tarp and drag or have someone help you move to new location - this works for any woody plant.

If your temps have already warmed up a lot, wait until a cool, cloudy day and move as early in the day as possible. The tree may very well experience some transplant shock being moved now but if done carefully, no more so than if you were planting a new one. Just pay close attention to watering and provide some temporary shade.

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gigim(8A SC)

Gardengal - I was hoping you would reply!

I am in SC, zone 8 and the temps are forecasted to be high 72 on weekend so I think I should be ok.

Will be happy to move it now ! Thanks for the guidance.

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