Double rows of melons and other stuff.

rustico_2009March 25, 2014

I have a lot more dirt than I can use, so there can be large spaces between rows in places. Why not do double rows of the small watermelons and cantaloupes? Vine growth is really not that much and it would be more efficient than same plants on two rows considering bed prep, mulch, and irrigation.

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Do you mean putting 2 rows in one bed? If so, how wide are your beds?
I plant melons at 2 foot spacing in the row, and the rows are 5 feet apart. Once they vine, I can't walk in there until it's time to pick.
If you want to plant 2 rows in one bed (so the rows will be say, 2 feet apart), you may want to space your melon plants around 3 feet apart to keep them from crowding too much. If you leave nice wide gaps between beds, that'll help too.


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Yes, That's what I am thinking, two rows in wide beds with a surplus of space between rows. The beds are 30' and 48". I could stagger the plants to get a little space. It seems like they would be less crowded than 3 plants per hill, which has worked for me with sugar baby and honey dew and others.

I figure plant them towards the outside of the beds with two drip tapes. These would be sugar babies, yellow doll, and other small plant types. I have grown some monsters and I would not try this with those.

I just ask these questions because market growers seem to do things other people usually don't ,and double row melons could be very convenient with some of my empty beds that have lots of room around them.

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Sounds like a good plan!

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

I did double rows in the inside and single on the outside edges of this area last year.

This year I am doing 2 long rows on the long top edge of the garden. 1 row will be planted first and covered with a low tunnel. To keep the varieties more separate I will have watermelons at the top of one row and melons at the bottom and the opposite in the other row.

Anyway it was ok to have them so close but would have been impossible to do hand pollinating or to tell which melon was which. Otherwise melons don't need that much fussing to grow.

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Thanks for the comments /votes of confidence.

Nice looking plants, minnie.

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