Horrible frost damage

lornasMay 9, 2012

My Japanese maples suffered horrible frost burn just over a week ago and now these leafs are crisp and falling off. Will the trees put out new leaves an these branches or will it not be until next spring. Will these branches die?

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depends on how cold it got. If only a light frost and above freezing temps or slightly below 32, you should experience a new set of leaves in several weeks. If the temps got down into the mid 20s or lower, there could be some serious stem damage which probably will not leaf out agAIN. I experienced a couple bouts of just below freezing temps - 28 was the lowest. All the top foliage was killed off, but has since leafed out a second time. Give it some time to re-adjust.

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Thanks. I think it got down to the upper 20's. All the damage is on the top outside leaves. If it is stem damage would we then prune off the damaged stems or wait to see if it comes back next year?

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Scrape the stems to see if they are green. I had alot of stem dieback on mine. I can see some buds coming in lower at the stem. I'll just cut back 1/4" above that new set of buds.

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lornas - give it some time to see how the tree will react - don't be in a rush to do any pruning at this point. I'd wait at least another month to see how much will leaf out again, then after you get new leaves, decide on what's not going to be viable.

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