Pro Mix - BX or HP?

2ajsmamaMarch 24, 2014

If I buy 2 bales of BX, it will be $38/bale and HP is $39.99 at local Agway. I only use one 3.8cf bale per year (but then need to buy seed starting mix since I usually don't have enough left over - this year I do since I loaded up at going-out-of business sale last year). So I'd have to store a whole bale for next year if I buy the BX.

But for seed starting (won't have any left over from what I bought last year) and potting up, mostly peppers and tomatoes, which would you prefer for basically the same price? Assuming I'm still in business next year, the extra $ this year and storing over the next 9 months isn't a big deal.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

I tried the HP this year. So far I don't see a difference from BX but it doesn't matter.

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I found that I really didn't like the ProMix. I will still use MiracleGrow with moisture control. It works better for me.

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If I recall correctly Pro-Mix BX w/ Mycorrhizae should not be stored for extended periods of time. Something about the Mycorrhizae not remaining effective.

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HP an dBX both have it, so would be same but I get it about not storing the extra bale for a year to save $2. Espoma has it too, said 2 years from date of manufacture, PM says OK for that long but better 9 months so I'd really have to get a fresh batch.

Not sure if HP was going to drain TOO well. Lots of negative reviews on Tomato forum about MG MC.

Was thinking of picking up a bale of HP today, forget about ordering BX but I cut myself with electric knife this AM and had to get my fingers glued back together so didn't want to deal with lifting the bale, or starting the tomato seeds I have (waiting on an order). So DD bandaged me up, I drove her to school then clinic, picked up some OJ and apples at store next to clinic and came home, took shower/washed hair with glove on and have been just watching TV all day.

Maybe I'll use what I have left of Fafard/Espoma/peat/perlite to start seeds tomorrow.

Anybody have opinion on amount of perlite in HP? And website doesn't say it's pH balanced, though I can't see why they wouldn't add lime to any peat-based product.

Here is a link that might be useful: Promix mycorrhizzae

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I had the same question and saw people recommending Pro Mix HP on other forums so I gave it a try. Then I realized there's a tomato on the package (that has to mean something right?)

I looked on their site and it says HP has dolomitic and calcitic limestone in it which helps adjust pH.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pro Mix HP

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I have an opinion- use a real knife. Electric knives are notorious for slipping off the cutting surface. Now you need to keep potting media out of the wound until it heals.
Just joking but cutting yourself is nothing to laugh about. I was in the meat cutting business for many years and have numerous scars to show for it. I cut myself on an electric slicer but never with an electric knife.

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Thanks, I did wear gloves (got the last bale of BX at feed store and I'm halfway through it, and I haven't even got everything in 4" pots yet).

Bread baking has gone on hold for a while - maybe in the fall when I have more time. Got a wooden guide (the slices are a little thick to my taste - top of the Tupperware sandwich container bulges with only 1 slice of turkey and 1 of cheese) but I'm done with the electric knife. Thing is, I was just telling DD it was a power tool (the noise scared her) when it slipped. I would never have used a table saw or chop saw without a push stick or guide, so why did I think I could use knife so close to my hand (last slice in loaf)? And the cuts have healed, have a lump on the deeper one but will be minimal scarring.

Might have to pick up HP (if Agway has any left) if I want to grow in containers this year (got some determinate seed).

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