Insect treamment for Red Maple?

vinnie_s(NJ)May 9, 2008

My Red Maple is infested with these boring insects. The wood just powders right off. There are pinhead size and walk very fast. There seems to be other insects as well. I also have several Autumn Blaze Maples that have similar infestations, including some caterpillars. These are my second round of Maples that I have, and I am done with replacing them. Clearly, I live in an area (farm area) where these trees attract these pests. Is there any treatment I can purchase locally, that can save these trees? If they die, I am not replacing them. There are nearly 5 years old. Also, does that tar-like repair coating at Lowes, help?

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I have used seven dust on mine without any problems. If the bugs are boaring into the wood I am not sure what you could use....maybe someone will know. Good Luck. -Ivy

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

If they are boring into the tree, they are "telling" you that your tree is stressed.

Unfortunately, after a stressed tree has borers, it's life is in a downward spiral. In other words, the borers are often the final blow.

If the tree is very important to you, it would be wise to have a certified arborist come for an on-site evaluation.

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