Acer palmatum disectum for semi shade

Mike LarkinMay 3, 2012

The planting location is in a wooded area, trees limbed dabled shade, with some indirect sun areas sun. Yews, hollies, azaleas hostas are groing fine.

I saw this plant - Acer palmatum Dark Straw, which seems to fit the conditions. 8x8 is what I have seen.

Anyone have this or any other suggestions.

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

I wouldn't plant any of this type in such a setting myself as the laceleaf maples have a highly aberrant appearance that does not go well with normal-looking plants in naturalistic settings. Instead these trees look best near structures, even in enclosed gardens where the laceleaf maple is the dominant feature presented as a sort of living sculpture.

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Mike Larkin

The location is in the front yard in a bed near the front door, with enough space to grow -- Sorry maybe my wording was misleading

Anyone have luck with any type of Japanese maples in semi shade.

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I planted a Crimson Queen 3 years ago by my front door in my front yard, similar to where you want yours.
It is beautiful!
Despite the fact that it turns green from June til the end of September, the tree is awesome!
The intense heat here must be why it turns green (still pretty), and when the heat starts to subside, it turns back a beautiful shade of bright red for fall.
It weeps over, and has grown quite nicely, it is getting full.
It is definately a focal point when you are walking towards the front door.
It receives sun in the morning til about 1pm in the middle of the summer.Then it is shaded and I really water it good when temps are in the 90s every day.
I only paid 25 dollars for it also, so I am quite pleased with the result.

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