WANTED: Beginning Swapper Question: Can I Just Show Up with Pla

krgallo(7)March 14, 2006

I plan to attend and bring plants, but don't want to make firm swapping plans (we may change our minds about attending at the last minute, depending on the weather and the little ones). Can I just show up with plants and hope someone is interested in swapping? At last Spring's swap at Ticonderoga Tree Farms (N.Va), we did this and ended up with some lovely plants. Also gave away lots of plants at the end without swapping just to help out those who were even newer at this than me, which was great. Haven't been to any other swaps, so am wondering if this is okay -- to just show up with plants to swap. Thanks!

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kimka(Zone 6B)

Feel free to just show up with or without plants (brownies however are just barely optional). We really don't have a lot of rules, even fewer than the northern Virginia swap had. Prearrange trades or not, post a haves list or not, as you like. I tend to prearrange for the stuff I have in shortest supply or that I won't dig if no one says they want it.

The only real rule we have is the stuff that is labelled with some one's name is a prearranged trade--Its not nice to help yourself to those. Everything else is up for grabs and most people don't worry about one for one type of trades. Its mostly if you like it, here take some home.

After the potluck lunch, we do have a tradition. If you pick up a plant to look at, you have to take one. If you ask the person about it, you have to take two.

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Can u tell me about the Plant swaps? I am months new to this web. Location? Times? I live in N.Virginia. Any more Info. would be great. How many plants do some people bring up to?
Are children allowed? Thanks

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