Pruning a lacy green maple

jmpelletMay 28, 2007

Can someone give me some instructions on how to pruning a lacy green horizontal. Mine is touching the ground and I don't want to kill it. I have a picture but can't seem to load it (go figure -- I'm a computer geek?). Thanks!

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Others here will be better able to help you but I personally stake up mine ..not only the central leader but also train the longer horizontal branches as well ...yes it is a bit unsightly but it does over time work ...though remember that your tree is suppose to be that way and no matter what you do will have some of that going on ..over time if you train the central leader upwards the lower branches will be shaded out and it will have more of a tall mushroom shape ( which I personally don't like ) Unless you have a space problm I would train it a bit ( it's fun to do ) and leave it be and don't trim it !!. BTW some dissectums just go "out" and not up period so what I have stated might not be true in all cases but if it is a generic Dissectum ( since you gave no name i suspect that is the case) it probabaly will follow as I have stated...David

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I agree with what David said about the training, that's what I would do for now. I'd probably train it with copper wire to get a bit of a wider growing look (unless space is an issue).

If you don't want it like that or if space is a problem, don't be too hesitant to prune up those limbs growing on the ground. This isn't the best time to do any major pruning, that should be done in the fall or late winter. But, if the limbs are comparatively small to the major ones don't be afraid to nip them back a little.

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ckramos(Mill Creek, WA)

it is very difficult to determine how to prune a lacy maple. you can look at it all day, trying to figure out what to do.


up down branching...remove bottom branch (you might end up removing a lot of branch.) left right with middle branching...remove middle (you might end up removing a lot of branch.). after each cut step back and look at the tree.

if you don't mind an ugly tree this year you'll have a nice tree next year.

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You can go thru the before and after pictures listed on this site to get an idea on pruning japanese maples. There also a couple of articles on pruning on the mountainmaples website,26,26_11/articles.html


Here is a link that might be useful: Aesthetic Pruning

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Babka(9b NorCal)

Before you cut off those lower branches, first lighten them up by shortening them. With less weight at the tips they might not hang so low. If that doesn't work, cut them off. With all maples, our "guru" Mr. Okasaki, taught us to remove branches that were "bothering" each other (that would be the ones that are rubbing or crossing over each other), and to strip off the leaves and tiny branch-lets near the forks of branches, so you can see the wood and the beautiful structure of the tree. Finally (if you can) you stand or lie down under the tree and look up through it. You should see light, and should thin out the areas that are too dense. After that (he would smile) and say you may do whatever you like, but you probably won't need to.

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I am interested in creating a weeping Japanese maple effect in a small sunny garden in Israel with only a few areas of shade.What species of tree would be most suitable and what would be the cheapest way of buying such a specimen?

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