Help need JM ID so I can move to proper location

gigim(8A SC)May 2, 2013

New house with Japanese Maple planted too close to house. Do not have alot of good options for a new location but need to know how big it will get to do the best I can. Any ideas on ultimate spread and height? About 2 1/2' tall now.


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gigim(8A SC)

Here is a pic of a leaf. Sorry could not figure out how to attach 2 photos to original posting.

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Compare to Acer palmatum 'Crimson Queen'.

Height on these types of weeping dissectums is primarily determined by the graft - high grafts can get taller; low grafts tend to stay low.The sooner you remove the stake and allow the plant to assume its typical weeping habit, the sooner YOU help to determine ultimate height.

Spread is another matter altogether. Crimson Queen in particular has the abilty to develop a very wide spread with age - 12-15 feet is not uncommon. Site accordingly :-))

Here is a link that might be useful: Google images of mature 'Crimson Queen'

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agree with also to 'orangeola'

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gigim(8A SC)

Interesting. Well, I do not have anywhere that it could be allowed to get 10 -12 feet wide. I guess I will move it to the best location I have and I guess I will have to keep the spread trimmed to fit.

Please explain about removing the stake and how that will allow it to weep. Does the main trunk start bending over ?

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it does.... staking the main allows you to modiify or 'train' the height from what it would do naturally.....could be a tamakayeuma or even a red dragon ....regardless, moving it is a good idea.....ya know, pruning these every few years or so can easily maintain a 5 or 6 foot overall size...

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gigim(8A SC)

So if I take away the stake it will start to bend over by itself? Or do I have to train it to bend? If I leave the stake it will grow taller? Getting taller is fine, up to a point.

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from what i can see, that stake was for tree stability rather than training a leader yes, remove it and it will attain its natural height on its own...whatever that is..a stake that "props up" a somewhat flexible leader encourages height by doing this as the branch hardens off in the taller than normal position...

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