Artichokes worth the space?

gama_garden_tx(9)March 26, 2013

I've put in a test area with purple artichokes, but am concerned they may become an invasive weed in my climate. Does anyone grow artichokes, and are they worth it? Do you have high sales and/or profit margin with them and how much space did you dedicate to them? I'd like to get some feedback while they are still young enough to remove somewhat easily. Thanks.

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I have been growing Imperial Star here in S. Louisiana for several years. I get $3 ea. for full size fruit. Blooming chokes go for $5+ ea. The small secondarys are sold as baby chokes for $4 per quart basket. Occasionally, I will sell branches with several blooming fruit for up to $20.
Definitely worth the space!
I treat them as an annual by planting seed in September, transplanting to field in November and plowing under old plants in invasive problems.
Good Luck!


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Not in my area. I tried them but they didn't survive enough even to transplant. DIL loves them is the reason we tried.

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Here in Oregon our climate is ok, but not great for artichokes.
I keep about 75 plants growing, some replanted every year due to mice eating the roots in the winter. I bring a small box to market each week, selling maybe $20-30 worth. I also eat a lot of them.

The only reason I dedicate the space for them is because they grow outside the deer fence and I like eating them so much. I wouldn't bother in this climate to try to make much money from them.


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so deer don't go for artichokes?

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Not my deer. Can't speak for

My only pests on the chokes are voles, slugs and aphids.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Interesting thread. We own property far beyond the fence, and I'd love to try growing these. We have gophers and voles, and most things get planted in gopher baskets with a high tube of the same 1/2" chicken wire. The spreading form of the chokes might make that tube useless, but I'm willing to try!

In my zone, I'm thinking this might be a fall/winter planting.

Costco will miss my weekly purchase of chokes for sure!


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