Roll Call ...all Maineiacs please report in!

gardengardengardengaJuly 17, 2004

I was curious to see who all the mainers were out there. I am a grower year round and enjoy all faucets of gardening.

New to trying self sustaining methods and avoiding commercial products in my garden.

Glad to finally have our own forum!!!thanks again, Spike!

I grow and work in many different gardens for recreation and for my livlihood.

Living on MDI with the tempered effects of the water surrounding the island gives MDI different gardening zones than inland Maine. A little cooler in the summer and a bit warmere in the winter.

I homeschool 2 of our 7 kids and help take care of goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, cats, and a dog.

I am very interested in trading collected seed and heirloom plants/seeds.

Hope everyone out there is having a good summer!


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Mainiac(5b Maine)

From Cape Elizabeth here! (No, not the rich part! I always throw that in to clear the air)
I grow lots of lilies and daylilies, hosta, heuchera and a spattering of other stuff.

It was a bad winter for some of lilies and I lost a number of plants of various sorts such as Butterflybush.

My gardening challenges come from the Red Lily Beetle, a family of woodchucks and a family of foxes.

I love to have people check out my gardens!


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"Banana belt" checkin' in here... southern Maine, "Yohk"... chuckled about the "rich part", Mainiac. ;)

Yep, the red lily beetle is the biggest scourge I deal with, too! I have to give them a little squirt this morning, as a matter of fact. Not so much trouble with rodentia, but 3 young, eager cats have proven the vanguard that's turned the tide on that front, lol.

Winter was devastating for me, too. It clobbered the Henry Kelsey roses that smothered the fence along our driveway. In spite of hardiness to zone 4 they were killed to the ground and are only now beginning to come back. I have only a few blossoms (not much for Jap. beetles, though!), New Dawn, on the protected south side of the house fared much better (but she's currently a major food source for some weird little green caterpillars that show up periodically). Hydrangeas were cut off at the knees, too. Oh well, as they say, there's always NEXT year.

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SilverQueen(Z-5 Maine)

I'm in the mid-coast region, seven miles inland. I've been gardening for three years now, vegetables, mostly. I grow lots of corn, tomatoes, and other stuff. I have recently decided to devote a portion of my garden to field growing perennials, so hopefully, I'll have something good to offer at the plant swaps next year. I also have raspberries, and would like to try to incorporate more fruit bearing trees and shrubs into my yard.

Silver Queen

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Hello from Auburn! I lived in Southwest Harbor for a little while and now that I am learning to garden, I have a whole new respect for Asticou and the others!

I too lost a lot of plants during the winter, including my butterfly bushes and Russian sages that were the anchors of my main flowerbeds. But for some reason I am not seeing Japanese beetles - could this be due to the winter as well???

I took the Master Gardener Course at UMCE this year and enjoyed it a lot.

I am a retired radio DJ and now run my own sewing busines on the internet. Gardening is my coffee break!

My hydrangeas came thru ok!

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Radio DJ?! music or talk radio? This household vastly prefers radio to TV, but the dial is essentially frozen on NPR.

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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Cathy here, I hail from north/central part of the state. "Maine's First Town" as a matter of fact (That's what the sign says at the town line....only because it's the first town listed when you check the "legend" on the state maps. lol) Just below Greenville and Moosehead Lake. We haven't gotten as much snow as we use to in recent years, but what little we've gotten in the beginning of the winter stays all season because it's been way to cold to melt till spring! :-) Because we do get somewhat reliable snow cover I didn't lose anything in the garden. Speaking of weather, did you all know that we're getting a "summer" NorEaster on Monday???? Well, go out and enjoy what sun we manage to get today and tomorrow!


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bourret(z5a Maine)


I'm Lisa from West Newfield in the southern part of the state. I container garden, grow perennials in beds and raised beds, have a vegetable garden, a natural pond, and am BIG into daylilies. We did have snow cover here and I didn't lose anything. It amazed me because people south of here in Sanford lost a lot of plants.


What's this about a noreaster? I'm on vacation! It can't rain.


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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Lisa, what do you mean it can't rain? You mean it can't sunshine don't you? lol That's what they said on the news this morning, could get 1/2 to one inch of rain, mostly along the coast.....sorry!


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Chelone, it was music radio. Now that all the stations are owned by 3 companies, it's no fun anymore. We middle managers and air personalities thought there would be a hue and cry from listeners hearing the same news, songs, voices and ads no matter where they tune on the dial... but it turns out that's what they want. Heaven forbid they should hear a song that hasn't been pre-approved by their friends. And if you only listen to network news, how are you going to notice the bias and the missing stories? End of tirade. I love PBS too. I still do the TV auction every year, it's my chance to be goofy on-camera. :~D To tell the truth, I listen to BBC Radio 5 streaming through the computer, if I'm inside. The BBC 4 has a terrific gardening show called Gardeners Question Time. It's mostly zone 9 stuff, but surprisingly we have a lot in common. in England, Buddleia is an invasive because it doesn't have a chance to die back in winter!

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Hey there, from Lisbon Falls here. Have my own Perennial business now but still love to trade or SASE to people for unusual seed and trade for plants. Also love to talk plants with people and see what they appreciate to open my eyes to new perspectives. The winter was a bugger in the garden but I lost very few pots. Can never figure that out.
Take care

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leenie_me(Z 5)

First let me say that I am really pleased to have a Maine Forum. I am a native Maniac and now, since I am in retirement years, a snowbird, so have gardens both in Maine and Florida. In the summer, I live on a lake in southern Maine. It's beautiful here and I feel like there's nothing like being outside, working in my garden while hearing our loons calling out on the lake. I lost many lupins and quite a few other perennials last winter. Very disappointing but I still have plenty of beautiful flowers. I, too, am battling the red leaf beetle that is into my asian and oriental lilies. I go out every day and pick them off and also spray them with a spray that won't hurt our other helpful bugs like bees. My lilies are budded and will blossom but the leaves are in very sad shape. My newest interest, in my Maine garden, is hardy(perennial) geraniums. I have about 15 varieties and would love many more. Is there anyone else out there that also enjoys hardy geraniums? Good luck, all you Mainiacs, with your garden and lets hope for more snow cover next winter. Leenie

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I'm a flatlander (Minnesota) who moved to midcoast Maine two years ago. Like everyone else my (new)garden was slaughtered last winter. I think the late winter melts while the ground was still deeply frozen killed quite a few things (root rot) and winter desiccation did in the rest. Minnesota gets much colder but the snowcover was more reliable. I can grow many things here that won't go in Minnesota but Maine gardening certainly has its own challenges. Lily leaf beetle, Viburnum leaf beetle, and brown-tailed moth are all new to me. Equisteum, vetch and red sorrel are not major weed problems in Minnesota and there seem to be more disease issues here too.
My plant interest are broad but they include peonies (especially the species and hybrid singles and Japanese forms), hardy geraniums, primula, iris (especially siberians), grasses including bamboo, ferns and shade/woodland plants in general. I am also very interested in woody plants and Japanese gardening. I keep a vegetable garden (having trouble getting basil and peppers to flourish here, too cool?)and we have a few fruit trees but ornamentals are my real love.

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cybertrek(zone 5 Maine)

Another Southern Maine gardener checking in. I'm in Windham and I'm really looking forward to sharing with the rest of the Maine Garden Web crowd.


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lisacolburn(z5 ME)

Lisa from Orono checking in. I'll say it again.....Yee Haa !!
It's great to have a Maine forum. I've been an avid gardener forever....a native Mainer originally from Fort Kent (zone 3). I flower garden...veggie garden...container garden....rock garden....I'm a gardener to the bone. I'm the President of our local garden club. I'm an organic gardener most of the time....all of the time with my vegetable garden. The best thing I did this year was buy a dump truck load of composted manure. It truly is one of the best investments that I made in the gardens yet. What a major difference it can make !

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eden_in_me(5a Maine)

Marie from Gardiner here. Lost a few bulbous and day lilies due to rot and in some cases my stupidity in planting them places where melt could accumulate. But this gave me an excuse to bid like there was no tomorrow on ebay. Did visit 2 nurseries on their open house (discount) days, but have pretty much given up on the rest of my old haunts as a collector. There are so many good nurseries here, if you don't mind driving a few hours in any direction. Also some good ones closer.

Losing the battle to get big plants divided, moved and/or given away. Paying work just takes too much time away from the garden. But without it I couldn't buy the flowers, so I guess it is a fair tradeoff.

Anyone living near or passing thru welcome to visit, even if I'm stuck at work.

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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Lisa, do you work at the MG display garden at Roger's Farm in Stillwater? I usually make a couple of trips down to check it out every summer. I got down in late spring, not much up in the perennial border yet and of course nothing else going on either. I have yet to pay a second visit. Maybe on Monday? That is if it isn't pouring down rain like they are predicting? I love the moon garden and it's fun to see what different things they do with the rest of the garden. Always fun stuff! My favorite one that stands out in my mind is the year they did a "junk" was soooo cool! The tropical garden last year was neat too.


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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

Maine Forum is finally here! Thanks Spike!!

I live in Saco, and last winter was brutal to a lot of my plants. Lost 5 varieties of thyme, nearly all dianthus, about half my David Austin roses, and an assortment of other plants. I think the nurseries are making a killing this year with all the people buying replacement plants.

I am into DA roses, daylilies, and irises, in that order.

I have a large perennial garden with a raised bed vegetable garden in the back. Planting DA roses around the perimeter of the veg. garden. Other side of garden has a 50' long trellis fence my dh built last year, which I am attempting to cover with climbing roses. So far, William Baffin is the only one that's making any progress.

I also do a lot of delphiniums from seed. They do well for me, haven't lost any in four years except for some seedlings I planted last year in Aug. that didn't make it through last winter.

Built a new bed two years ago to support my daylily habit, which is filling out nicely. Every summer when the daylilies are in bloom, I go a little nuts trying to collect more must-haves.

Built another new bed last fall that is pretty wet in the spring. I am trying Japanese and Siberian irises there. Today I am going to Eartheart Gardens in Harpswell for the Japanese Iris open house. Visited last year when the Siberians were in bloom and was amazed at the blues Dr. McEwan had bred.

Ripped out my "foundation" planting a few years ago (yews and pachysandra) and built a little cottage garden in front of the house surrounded by a picket fence.

I absolutely adore David Austin roses for the old-fashioned flower form and fragrance. I am planting my new acquisitions very deep this year in hopes they'll do better in the winter. May try some winter protection this year too.

I had previously ripped out all my lilies after dealing with the red lily beetle for two years. Then I found that Bayer Rose & Flower sprayed occasionally, starting early, really keeps them under control. So I bought a few Asiatic bulbs from Scheepers last fall and they are doing wonderful.

I may be kicking myself for saying this in a few days, but (knock on wood), my japanese beetle population, so far, seems extremely reduced. They usually start appearing at the end of June and arrive by the hordes the whole month of July. Of course they do a number on my roses, totally infest my raspberries, are all over the hollyhocks, etc. We have cut down entire trees (hazelnut and cherry) due to the disgusting beetle infestation. This year, I have only seen the first ones in the last two days, they are way late. And the ones I've seen have been random in my perennial garden--I saw several crawling on a siberian iris yesterday. They don't feed on the irises, and I believe what was happening is that the grubs overwintered under the mulch and plant cover much better than the lawn, and that is why they are there. I keep inspecting, and have not found a single JB on any of my roses yet, or even my raspberries. We did use milky spore last year, but I doubt its effects, esp. overwintering, and the fact that none of my neighbors treat their lawns. I will be doing a happy dance if this trend continues. Maybe the severe winter actually froze out the grubs!

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Hello! I'm from central ME , Monmouth area. I have a few perennial gardens and a small vegetable garden. It's great to have our own Maine forum. The Garden web is such a great resource to have so many knowledgeable people with a wide range of experience. This past winter was very hard on the gardens. I lost a few plants also. The frost hit so hard even the leach field for our septic froze mid winter and did'nt thaw till early spring. That was not fun. It's been a wet summer thus far , much different than last summer. muzzy..........

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A Maine Forum? Can I be an honorary member. Born in Fort Kent (do I know you Lisa?), lived in Houlton, ended up in Pennsylvania. Maine is never far from my mind and we still go up every other year. I learned to garden in ME, but some of what I learned is false for PA. Down here, we don't plant our potatoes as deep as the soil will allow, Monarda is NOT a well behaved border plant, and tulips do not reliably last more than 2 years. Oh, and Lupines and Delphinums. Those are plants that we nurse, water and pray over, but a 3 year old clump is usually something that we point out as being on its last legs. I miss growing them like weeds.

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Hi I'm Judy in Monson, just south of Moosehead lake. Been here about sixteen years, originally from southern Maine in Gorham. I now grow mostly fast spreading things, even what others usually call invasive because as my user name implies I hate mowing and I have alot of space. My biggest passion the last few years is Daylilies. I started with a steep banking that was nearly impossible to mow and now that is full and I just can't stop. We also do a small veggie garden. We try to do things as organicly as we can, making compost from our supplies of manure from our rabbits, sheep and chickens.

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Chris from Somerville checking in.........

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Hello All;
Just received notice of the existance of this forum. How very exciting. I live in Southern Maine (Hollis) and have a few good friends I have made through this site. Always willing to meet new people. I will try and check this site regularly to see what is going on but feel free to e-mail me directly. Happy gardening. Kathleen

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luvmyducks(z5 ME)

Becky from Durham.... Just found my first Japanese beetle today. Be on the lookout!
Lost some strange things this year - Echinacea, coreopsis, Shasta daisies, oregano, mint. But my lavender survived! It never survives, even in mild winters.
Great to have this forum! I've always felt Maine gardeners were a special breed. Looking forward to talking with you all!

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macropora(z5 ME)

Hello to all, checking in from Stockton Springs. Mac

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Kathy_in_Maine(Zone 4)

Central Maine here!

I love to garden, veggies oh my do I have some veggies in. Potatoes ~all red, all blue and yukon and red skinned. Tomatoes ~brandwine, big beef, potato top, onions ~ too many different types to mention, celery, lettuce, hot pepper 3 types, green pepper, 3 types of cukes, peas, watermelon, summer squash, buttercup squash, zuchinni squash, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, pole beans, and some stuff I just can't think of right now. I also have interplanted throughout the whole garden different flowers, zinnias, marigolds, sunflowers, nasturtiums and glads. I also have some flower to play in the soil! Also have a strawberry bed, mmmmmmmm they were yummy this year! Raspberries are growing nicely and some newly planted apple trees that I am tending to for our own little orchard.


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elaine_maine(5 ME)

Elaine here. Checking in from No. Yarmouth. I work in Auburn.Last Feb. I winter sowed 254 containers at home and helped the ladies at my Assisted Living Center in Auburn winter sow 96 containers. We had about 60% germination. At home I lost 12 roses, my Japanese Maple and Irises. My peonies and lilies did great tho, and I have a Magnolia tree that has a little life left. I am terrified of snakes so I don't weed as much as I should this time of year.

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Robin in Talmadge checking in. Nice to see it not raining this morning.

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leonessa(Z5 ME)

I'm Kim...I live in Berwick...that's way down in southern Maine, right on the NH border. I've lived here for almost 2 years (transplanted from Mass.) and isn't Maine seriously GREAT! I just LOVE it! I'd love to make an in person trade if anyone is close by and interested.

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Grammie_ME(z5b ME)

Thanks, Spike, for setting up this forum. Karen from Southport here. I love to garden - mostly perennials. Now I am in a multi-year project to change some of my beds into low maintenence plots. I love to talk gardening, see other folks' gardens, and swap plants, shrub cuttings, and seeds.

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kap1(Zone 4-5 ME)

I'm in Kennebunk.
I do a combination of perennials & annuals and usually a veggie garden but due to too many things happening in life this year the veggies didn't get planted, this year I'm in the process of reworking my yard and getting a lawn in then will be expanding a small garden.
So far the only 2 things I have found I lost over the winter were my 2 butterfly bushes and my Cranes Bill hardy geranium.

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maineman(z5a ME)

I'm Burton Ogden in Manchester, Maine. (just west of Augusta) Still playing catch-up in my garden, and expanding its size a bit. I have got to get a tiller for this fall and next year. I plan to get a Merry Tiller, the International model, from LaPointe's in Lewiston.

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Joan from Farmington at the foothills of the Western Mountians. So nice to have a Maine forum. . .

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Cindy here from Auburn. I enjoy gardening with perennials. I'm always digging up more grass to put more gardens in (less mowing to do!). I also have 12 tomatoes, a few cucumbers and peppers, also. It's great to see so many Mainers on this forum.

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A big Hello from Downeast!

Leasa checking in from Eastport.

Wicked nice sunset tonight with a beautiful rainbow for a good long time over Campobello, NB the little silver fish were flipping up their bellys at us it was quite a sight of the pier!!!

We have slugs! LOTS of SLUGS!!! The last few nights I've been collecting them in zip lock baggies. Quite a haul! Hope it helps by cutting them out of the breeding cycle.

I ordered seed potato from the, well I forgot what they are called something like the germ bank it is a place to order seeds for all sorts of plants free from the government. I planted all the varieties they sent me and they are doing pretty good, considering the lack of sunshine out this way.

I work at Raye's Mustard Mill, if you get out this way stop by and say hi! It's the only place left that 100% stone grinds the mustard. Same place since 1903! It is a working museum real neat place!

Thanks again Spike! We enjoy the site!


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nleclair(z4 ME)

Nick from Oxford here.

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maineflowergirl(z4 Maine)

Hello to all and I am happy that this forum has started up. And thanks to MaineRose (Joan from Farmington) for telling me about it. Joan is my stepson's mother-in-law. I have been a member of GardenWeb for some time and have found it very useful when I need to check out a new plant's needs.

I garden in Strong which the zone map calls zone 4 but I have a lot of Zone 5 plants. Luckly, I did not lose any plants this winter though a couple of my mini roses are not as big as they were last year. I tend not to give any winter protection to my plants. They have to be TOUGH to live with me! I have more shade plants than anything else but I have 3 sections where I can manage with some sunny plants. I have a good sized frog pond which is sunny but has BAD soil that is full of clay and rocks. So anything I put there I have to dig out the soil and add good soil and even then I am really just making a "bowl" for the plants so they could still die if they get waterlogged. But so far the lupines do great there and I did not amend for them. I also have artic willow there and a red-stemmed willow and one I think is called golden halo willow with variagated leaves. I added a small leaved rhododendrun this summer and a wegelia (sp?) and four TINY fruit trees and a serviceberry. So far they are all still alive so I will see how they do next spring.

Well, that is it for now. Happy Gardening and I hope, too, for sun! My tomato plants are getting HUGE but they need sun to get those tomatoes ripening.

Joanie D.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Gardens in 2003

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maineman(z5a ME)


"We have slugs! LOTS of SLUGS!!! The last few nights I've been collecting them in zip lock baggies. Quite a haul! Hope it helps by cutting them out of the breeding cycle."

You might want to start a message thread about the slugs. We're in a woodsy area and have slugs, too. Your nightime hand collecting technique sounds interesting. How do you pick them up? With your fingers? Is that safe? Is there any danger of catching slug diseases from them? I know in Texas we had to be careful about not catching leprosy from certain wildlife.

So far here in Maine I have been using Lawn Lime as an anti-slug deterrent. It has been reported that slugs don't like it and won't cross a band of it. I can't confirm that for certain, but it seems to be working. It contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Basically, it is a form of dolomitic limestone, and is nontoxic and actually good for plants.

I have heard that slugs won't cross metallic copper. Presumably it is electrochemically unpleasant for them. Some people use a copper foil product and other people use scraps of copper flashing from places like Home Depot and Lowes.

There is even a somewhat humorous book devoted to slugs.


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Growing garlic in the hosta beds is also a good solution. Flashing can be had at home depot, 5X7" scrap pieces 10 for $1.75. I cut them into 3rds and I swear by it in beds where it's too shady to grow garlic. In new beds where there might be slugs already inside, I also use beer.

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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Joanie D...beautiful spot that you have there! Love the "old" house! Did you tear it down after you built the new one? Thanks for sharing your pics!


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maineflowergirl(z4 Maine)

Cathy, we have not torn it down yet as the new house STILL is not finished. Sigh. I just saw something in the Parade magazine where you take 4 photos of your bad house and write a short essay about why your house is so bad and you could win $25,000 in improvements! So I just took 4 photos of some of the worst of the house we live in. I don't know if we qualify for the contest, though, because we don't WANT this house fixed up. I would like to replace it with a 20 foot screened gazebo!

Joanie D.

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Hello! This is Mickey from Westport Island in the mid-coast region. The island is between Bath and Wiscasset connected to the mainland by a bridge.
I'm soooo happy there is a forum for Maine gardeners.
My vinca minor was killed this winter, and I need to know what ground cover will grow in a large shady area on a slope. I've been looking on the web, but nothing beats personal knowledge. Thanks a million!!

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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Hi Mickey! How bout some ajuga? I got a bunch you can have! With this damp cool summer that we've had so far, it's trying to take over my garden! But really, it is a pretty good ground cover for shade and semi-shade.


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Grammie_ME(z5b ME)

I second the ajuga. We lost much vinca minor, too.

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msmmsm(z5b ME)

I'm Marilyn from Ogunquit. We moved here a year ago to a brand new home so I had to start completely over from scratch. I planted a raised perennial (& some annuals) bed and am working on filling that in. Plan to start some seeds this winter in the hopes of not having to buy everything. So glad to have a Maine forum. If you are near me and need to divide anything that likes sun, I'm happy to take it off your hands!

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mikefrommaine(z5 ME)

Mike from Bucksport and perennials are what I try to grow.

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so glad to see we got the forum! Thank you, Spike. My name is Sharon, I have lived in West Rockport for a little over twenty-five years, at my present location for a little over four. Got my first two perennial beds in this spring, just added a small Daylily bed (all the daylilies are in my temporary care, but I will get to keep divisions when my friend moves). I am so looking forward to being able to share seeds, cuttings, roots, what-ever. My 54 varities of tomatoes are slow to ripen this year and the yield looks low, but the beets have been wonderful.

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Tikanmeeko(z4/5 Maine)

Staci in Gardiner here. Just thrilled to be here. Just posted a long message in another thread, but basically says I am pretty new to this and will be hitting the clearance sales this fall to bring home the "near dead" stuff, gardening on a budget is tough, as I am sure you know. But with 2 kids, working full time and going to school at night, there isn't much time for gardening or getting to the stores, so if you see something that is too good to pass up, then don't, grab it for me and I will gladly paypal you for it and the postage, even maybe a small finders fee. Also if you are thinning stuff and want to get rid of it to a bum, let me know.. maybe I can sneak in a daytrip to pick it up. I am not above begging (hehehehe) and hoping that someday I can help someone else establish their garden!!!!
At any rate, I am glad to be here!!

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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Well Mickey, how's about ditche lilies, ox-eye daisies, brown eyed Susans, purple vetch and goldenrod? All native/naturalized wildflowers that will cover a a pretty quick rate I am sure! You could toss in some of the big purple field clover too (I know that stuff will take over if you let it, it tried to in my flower garden)

Tikanmeeko you can come up and see me! We take a trip down to West Gardner twice a year, but it's usually in the middle of winter. We grow our own pig and when we have it "taken care of", we bring our hams and bacon down to West Gardner Beef for smoking. It's an hour and a half from our house. I have a few things that I can share. A good nursery to hit this time of year is Surry Gardens, they have everything on sale now and their 2-1/2 inch pots of perennials are a pretty good deal. I've gotten alot of them there, I'm planning a trip down there with "Hates to mow" soon.


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Hello from Maine-N.H. border.(near Fryeburg). We are just a couple of miles from New Hampshire. My husband and I love gardening. Mostly perennials. This year my husband built a lovely water feature. What a wonderful addition to our garden. We have had lots of J.Beetles this year(Ugly things)Did a lot of damage to our rose bushes and our weeping willow tree. Thanks Spike for giving us a Maine Forum.


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ellenott(z5 ME)

Hi there fellow Maineiacs!!! Ellen from Bath, moving to Wiscasset and can't wait to start to really growing things!!! I am glad that I can have a place to ask my neighbors what the heck I'm doing!!! I know I will be building a greenhouse and trying to do grow some veggies and then make a nice flower garden to read in. I can do this on a leech field right? (the flower garden?)

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linnea(z5 ME)

Howdie from Peaks Island. I have a new baby so my garden is mostly crabgrass this year! One interesting item - I had tons of lavender, and all of the purple lavender was killed this winter (Lady, Munstead, etc.), but the pink lavender survived. I never would have thought that the pink lavender was the more hardy!

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Hi. Thanks for this site. I'm Betty. I live in the bottom of a valley is the Dixmont mountains. They call us ridge runners. I have 25 acres of bog that I love. I raise veggies in raised bed and hoop covers. Good to hear from all of you.

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CindyC(Z4 Maine)

Hi all, Cindy from Hebron here! I am so happy about this new site. We lost a lot this winter also, terrible winter - double whamy for us snowmobilers :) Mostly lost things in a new garden and one exposed boarder. Also run a perennial nursery and don't even want to talk about all the containers of perennials lost! It was terrible! This summer has been kind of a wash with all the rain... the weather has to go back to normal sometime, doesn't it (lol)???

Look forward to talking to you all!

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justjude(z6 PA)

Like Pete, I wish I could be an honorary member, too. I live in PA (zone 6) but we spend two weeks every summer at Pemaquid Point in a wonderful old shingled cottage right on the ocean.

One of my favorite things about our vacation is driving around and seeing all the terrific gardens. Thank you, all of you!! I get inspired with ideas about what to do here at home (a pretty pink phlox, a nice groundcover in front of a stone wall, intermingling creeping bellflower among my day lilies under the black walnut tree where nothing else will grow...).

I went to summer camp near Fryeburg (on Lake Kezar) and would live on the Maine coast in a heartbeat if I could. Hopefully next year's vacation will be 3 weeks rather than two, and I'll be back peeking into your yards. Favorite areas are: Wiscasset, Damariscotta, New Harbor, Round Pond, Bristol and S. Bristol. Visited on Westport Island this summer, too.

In addition to gardens, you guys have some wicked good ice cream!


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ohanakat(z5b ME)

Kat from southern Maine, checking in! DH and I returned home to Maine last year after 20 years away, 5 in Virginia and 15 in Hawaii. I'm delighted to find a Maine garden forum as I get used to cold weather gardening again! We decided to just let everything grow this year to see what we had where. My dad was an avid gardener, pretty much chemical free for the past ten years or so, mostly veggies and fruit, but also a lot of the "old fashioned" favorites, wild roses, hydrangea, iris and peonies. We've planned out three perennial beds and a rock garden for this fall. The veggie garden has to wait for major rennovations next summer, so we're composting in it, covered the rest in clover. Our biggest challenges are a woodchuck family and squirrels getting at the bulbs. The wildflowers we've allowed to grow up are attracting lots of bees, and every time I dig I find lots of worms. It's really nice to "inherit" gardens for the first time, rather than start from scratch (on builder fill!).

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Flyline(z5 ME)

Hi - Pam here, another "Dur-mite" (Durham) checking in (hi Becky!). I'm originally from Gorham (hi Judy in Monson!) I knew everyone had been lobbying for the Maine Gardening site for some time, but hadn't logged on for a while and was happily surprised to see it listed now. Cool! I just came back from one of the first walks I've taken this summer down the snowmobile trail out back (hi Cindy in Hebron) - we can relate to the bad snowmobile season last winter, too! We never even took the machines out this winter, and wow is the trail overgrown now - branches, bushes, etc. all across the trail. Will have to ask the husband to get down there with the weed-wacker.

Seems as though everyone lost their Butterfly Bushes this year! I waited until mid-July before I finally admitted it was dead and dug it out. Planted Bee Balm in its place, but I miss it - it was really pretty.

One thing I noticed on the walk down the trail was all the dead junipers, tons of them. I think it's been so wet and cool that they rotted. It's been kind of a tough summer to be a (flower) gardener - I lost a lot of my roses over the winter, and the ones that did survive have not been vigorous - less blooms than usual, less height and fullness.

I've been noticing my Bachelors Button bush is looking like it's dying - leaves are all crispy and brown on the edges. Does anyone have this plant? I don't remember it looking like this last year... But maybe it's normal as fall approaches to have it change? It had a ton of blooms earlier this summer. The Marshmallow plant is also struggling - leaves are yellow, and very few flowers. I can't help but think all the damp and cool is affecting them.

Can somebody tell me if they've had success with Witch Hazel? I planted a nice tall plant this spring, but have seen no new leaves all summer, and the ones it does have are chewed up by bugs. I'm thinking it doesn't look healthy enough to survive the winter. Didn't know how hardy they were, anyway, as I've never known anyone to have one.

It's nice to have a place to visit with other Maine gardeners!

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Hi, I'm relatively new here - came over from the Home forums. My DH and I might be the farthest north so far - Patten.

We've just finished a huge update and remodelling project on an 1840's farmhouse on 210 acres, and our gardening is still in it's early stages. We did inherit the biggest, and most prolific asparagus patch i've ever seen, and some nice blueberry bushes. We've put in a small orchard, and have just finished the foundation for a greenhouse, which we will get up this fall.

We have three gorgeous gordon setters, and provide habitat and stock pheasants into the wild. Our last winter success rate wasn't too good, but we'll keep trying.

Nice to meet you all - we Mainers need this forum, with the challenges of our short growing season.

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Flyline(z5 ME)

Pheasant Farmer, we love Patten! Just drove through on our way to an Allagash river trip two weeks ago. Beautiful area. It's where my brother-in-law is from.

And we just recently lost our Gordon. I say recently, it's been 3 years. My husband grieved so long for Maggie that I thought he'd never get another dog (our kids have their own cocker spaniel). But a family nearby was looking for a good home for their 1-yr-old chocolate lab (too much of a handful for them), so we now have "Bailey". He'll never be another Maggie, but he's growing on us.

Old farmhouse on acreage in northern Maine with Gordon Setters - sounds to me as though you're living in paradise!

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Flyline - so glad you like Patten - it's a gorgeous place with so much open land, and great people. We love it here, and the dogs do as well. We also have a house on Deer Isle, midcoast, and it's gorgeous there, but this land just really suits us.

Sorry to hear you lost your beloved Maggie. But nice that you took in the rambunctious Bailey ! Labs are great dogs too.

Nice to meet you all - I will be an avid reader as my gardening skills are of the rudimentary variety.

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I am in Topsham, Maine. Anyone close by?

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Hi all,

I'm in Richmond, I grow perennials and vegetables. We've had a busy summer but we are finally enjoying some of the fruits of our labors this week as the bugs are much reduced of late and we can enjoy the deck now that we've had some dry weather.

I am hooked on the Garden Web, and regularly read this forum and the hypertufa forum. I have some garden pics that can be seen on yahoo.

I've helped to organized a plant swap at my job for the past 3 years, but am starting a new job soon, so am hoping to organize one there or through this forum.

Garden Web Rocks! Thanks Spike for this forum!

Ali aka Mabel

Here is a link that might be useful: Mabel's garden photos on yahoo

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Mabel...nice pixs, thank you I really enjoy the trellis built around the windows...great job!

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steamheater(Z4 ME)

I consider myself a Maineiac, even though I come from Iowa [via California]! Wouldn't want to rest my soul anywhere other than this great State of Maine! We have just moved onto 4 acres in Boothbay and am in the process of clearing and planting 1 of those acres. Going to replace both hips within the next year and raised beds are going to be a necessity! Does anyone raise asparagus in raised beds? I love my asparagus as much as I love my chard! Happy gardening!

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Scarbo(z5 Maine coast)

I'm in Scarborough, Maine.
I grow many daylilies, irises, lilacs, hosta, hardy geraniums, wildflowers, coral bells and other perennials. I grow most of my daylilies in raised beds as my soil is very sandy.
The worst pests I had this year were snails and lily beetles. And mosquitoes...which keep me out of the garden on hot days. My previous worst pest was Japanese beetles. They used to thickly cover the trees. Maybe they didn't like this year's wet conditions because the infestations were light this year.

I have 1 butterfly bush of 5 left...I purchased it about 6 years ago from Winterthur Gardens. The other 4 were locally purchased...go figure!

I lost a lot of nice perennials in the freeze/thaw cycle in April. I didn't lose any daylilies this year (although I lost some in past years including Pirate's Patch and Blue Moon Rising). I bought daylilies again this year since they handled the weather so well.

Non-annuals in bloom in my garden today: butterfly bush, coreopsis, sedum, patrinia, echinacea, monkshood, aster, phlox, johnny jump-ups, 2 daylilies (Irrisistible Impulse and a huge tall ruffled gold daylily), geranium sanguineum and geranium striatum, Royal Standard Hosta). I also a branch of a red weigela and a branch of a purple little-leaf rhododendron.

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

Welcome, Scarbo! I live in Saco. Aren't daylilies a blessing? (When all else fails. . .) Would love to meet someday, possibly trade daylilies.

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greetings and welcome all new and ole fellow mainiac gardeners!

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mainesfwriter(z5 ME)

Nina (pronounced "9-UH") from Sidney (Maine, not Australia, although my mail often comes to "Sydney") here. I've been gardening since I was a kid growing up in Gardiner, when I used to dig myself a nasturtium bed every spring.

I inherited some very nice professional landscaping when I bought this house just over a year ago. Now I'm happily messing it up by planting my beloved miniatures roses anywhere and everywhere. The Miniature Rose Forum is where I usually hang out; I just found this one today.

My other passion is daffodils. So I really love this time of year - choosing and planting is at least as much fun as blooming season!

This Roll Call thread is a great idea. What an interesting group.

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From Cape Elizabeth and far away and clear from the upper socio-economic gardens comes Mainiac . Mainiac is seen here carrying lots of lilies and daylilies, hosta, heuchera and a spattering of other stuff, all which she grew herself, and all that you can see of her is her two muddy boots covered in compost of last years dead lilies and butterfly bush and
plants of various sorts . Behind her trailing are her new pet woodchucks and a family of foxes. The Red lily beetle rides in with the flowers she carries much like Jimmy the Cricket.
As Mainiac turns around at the end of the runway she tosses out personal invites with the following written on them, " I love to have people check out my gardens!
Ramona" The crowd of Maineiacs cheer wildly .the clapping settles down only asÂ

Chleone walks on to the run way. When asked where she is from she replies, "Banana belt" ... southern Maine, "Yohk"!
Chleone instantly bonds and relates with Mainiac... chuckling about the "rich part",
And carrying all her dead plants mourning from last year MaineÂs winter. Throwing them into the compost bin Chleone is optimistic and ready to get right back on track in the gardenÂshe runs off the ramp straight to the garden with trowel held high.
The next gardener to enter the forum walkway is the Silver QueenÂthere is total silence in the crowd, eye brows raise, and smiles are found on everyoneÂs faces when the SilverQueen shows large fold out pictures of field perennials she has grown and great promise of a happy and fun perennial swap among us!

The Dollmaker, has jumped onto the stage and onto the walkway. Visions of the Asticou gardens seem to resonate in dreamy figures around her head. In her bucket are her mournful plants lost for last winter, which is overflowing. But headed straight to the compost bin as well. Holding her coffee cup up high she toast us all as gardeners , the crowd cheers and applauds wildly. As the Dollmaker turn to walk off the stage her hydrangeas are thrown out to the crowd in pride (healthy and gorgeous) despite the tough winterÂs call!

Maine's First Town brings us another fabulous gardener who seems to have better luck with winterÂs affects than the rest of us. Chicken Lady braves the zone 3-4 ! The crowd takes a deep breath of gasp and shivers are spontaneously felt just thinking about how cold that must be! Chicken Lady is not afraid of such zones and steps and turns off the runway as she leaves frost from her shoes on the stage

Coming onto the frost steps with more chilly feet from zone 4 is Bourret from West Newfield, ( everyone looks at each other trying to figure out where West Newfield is?! Bourret carries under her arm veggies and daylilies. In the other hand she carries her largest frog from her own natural pond. The pond gardeners scream, YES!!!

Having fun and being friendly the Dollmaker and Chicken lady make a mad dash across the stage as the audience encourages them on with interest!

Next to make his entrance, from Lisbon Falls, is a real professional gardener and grower, the crowds really enjoy the expertise and willingness that Mcgper1 shows enthusiasm Armfuls of plants and seeds which he hopes to swap out with the crowdÂthe crowd stamp the feet with joy in anticipation, whistling and cheering such actions! Mcgper1 holds out some pots of plants teasingly waving in front of a envious crowd, screaming with delight. Mcgper! Almost loses his balance getting off the walkway.

Leenie Me comes onto the scene as an indigenous Maniac, who has found retreat from our tough winters in Florida ( the crowd boos gently, but with smiles) With bucket full of many varieties of geraniums, which the audience would like to see better, the bucket is passed among the crowd . Chasing some red beetles trying to rid them, Leenie Me exit the stage. The crowd is too busy checking out all the different varieties of geraniums to notice that A transplant flatlander has taken the stage with shovel in hand and a trash can full of dead plants from last year and the pests and diseases which is unique in Maine have perplexed this gardener, however with stamina and great interest of vast perennials and woodland plants, vegetable beds, and fruit trees everyone is in agreement that this gardener is welcomed by all.

Next is cyber trek, a zone 5 gardener from Windham, the audience applauds wildly and cheers respectfullyÂlooking forward to hearing from this resourceful gardener among us. Cyber trek waste no time in getting off the stage and back to his gardeningÂ

Another indigenous type from Maine hitÂs the stage, LisaColburn. Out of the Zones of 3, steps with snow still on the sides of the snow shoes comes a very active gardener who is wheeling in tons of manure, stopping only to catch their breath and visit with the crowds is another honorable organic gardenerÂ.I'll say it again.....Yee Haa !! And the crowd loves an organic Gardner! Snow is seen trailing off the stage as

Eden in Maine struts out onto the walkway as the ebayer of ebayers when it comes to finding new plants, but welcomes the other maniacs of the forum to visit if in the area of GardinerÂthe vibrations of the feet stomping the floors is felt to almost knock one off their balance to walk as the crowd cheers and welcomes Eden of Maine .

And what is this the Chicken Lady makes another fast dash out on to the stage and again the crowds welcome and cheer her on!

Veilchen from Saco is now on board , her wheel barrel is full of last years gone to the winter plants, looking almost defeated and discouraged by winter kill and garden pests, there perks out of nowhere a strong spirit of determination, determination to garden and garden well. Oh, we all hold hands and share the spirit veilchen displays ( as we have all been there). VeilchenÂs determination and enthusiasm to garden is cheered and welcomed with great applauding!!!

From central ME , Monmouth area is Muzzy, with muddy boots frozen in leach fields this gardener is challenged and concerned with MaineÂs climate. Empathetic watchers smiled and clap strongly and loud as we donÂt want to lose any of gardeners to Maines tough winters. With encouragement Muzzy throws himself off his tractor and in with the other gardeners, holding him up in the air above their heads the crowds pass Muzzy around the forums. Muzzy is now optimistic and happy! Running off the stage barefooted as his boots are still frozen in the leach fields.

Pennsylvania Pete is sticking his head out throw the curtains, wondering although he has physically left Maine might he come out and spend some time reminiscing his earlier childhood memories of living in Maine and who is that also from Pennsylvania ? Why its JustJudeÂ.the gardening audience is willing to accept any gardener to Join in, except the one crowd of organic gardeners in the front row (screaming compost is best compost is best over and over )who are not sure if such invites from foreign states are wise, but will watch over and mind the invasion of outsiders to the forum. The other gardeners roll their eyes at the fanatical organic crowd, applauding and cheering for Pennsylvania Pete and Justjude to hang out with them.
They jump out from the curtain just as
Hatetomow from Monson, (just south of Moosehead lake )comes onto the platform. Hatetomow has been hanging around these forums for about sixteen years, originally from southern Maine in Gorham. Kicking her lawn mower across the stage while trying to carry armfuls of daylilies which she nurtures well. The smell of manure from rabbits, sheep and chickens brings the crowd to their feet as they give this gardener a standing ovation for practicing organically .

Veggie Lover from Somerville runs very quickly across the forum stage and everyone claps and welcomes this fellow garden .
Just received notice of the existence of this forum. How very exciting. I live in Southern Maine (Hollis) and have a few good friends I have made through this site. Always willing to meet new people. I will try and check this site regularly to see what is going on but feel free to e-mail me directly. Happy gardening. Kathleen

Diene has won the gardeners award for being the most friendliest gardener on the new Mainiac Forum here. Coming on stage her warm smiles and gracious gestures brings warmth into the room.
Luvmyducks from Durham waddles into the walkway looking for beetles and bewildered that she could loose so many perennial in the 2004. to Maines winter . The people watching hold their breath, and pray that Luvmyducks makes out better in 2005! This web-footed garden lover paddles of the stage right back into the perennials determined to make a splash next season!

Flooding the scene comes rushing in holding hands and running with joy screaming for more compost and sunshine is gardeners ,
Macropora from Stockton Springs, Kathy in Maine from Central Maine, From ,No. Yarmouth is Elaine Maine, Robin Maine from Talmadge, Leonessa from Berwick, Grammie ME from Southport, kap1 from Kennebunk, Maineman from Manchester, Maine rose from Farmington, Cindyob from Auburn, Leasa from Eastport, nleclair from Oxford, MaineflowerGirl in zone 4 who uses zone 5 plants J, Mickey from Westport Island , Msmmsm from Ogunquit, MikefromMaine (Bucksport),Nicestuff from West Rockport, Tikanmeeko from Gardiner, peggy 1943 from N.H. border.(near Fryeburg), Ellenott from Bath, Linnea from Peaks Island, Westbeck35 of Dixmont mountains "ridge runners",CindyC from Hebron, Ohanakat from southern Maine, Flyline from Durham, Pheasantfarmer from Patten, Bethee of Topsham, Mabeldingeldine in Richmond, Transplant called Steamheater from Boothbay,ScarboroughÂs Scarbo, then running after this huge group of Maine gardeners is Mainesfwriter from Sidney who is happy to be apart of such a great group!

Cheers and refreshments are on the house, serving tea and popovers! All partake and enjoy a great gathering! Happy first day of Fall everyone.

Oh, and the court crown goes to the one Who got the most ripened tomatoes on the vine outside of a greenhouse this year, tie goes to the one who sown their own tomatoes, double tie breaker goes to the one who used only organic methods?

Thanks everyone for allowing me to poke fun and get to know everyone here better

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

That was cute, gardengarden!

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And to think some people tried to tell us that a Maine forum would be inactive and boring!!

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Oh that's hilarious! Unrealistic because I would probably trip, pitch myself headfirst off the runway, scattering my bucket of compost which has gone a bit anaerobic since I let wildflowers grow too close to it and now can't get near enough to turn it because of the bees... but I like your scenario much better!

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mainesfwriter(z5 ME)

"Running after the group" is exactly right. Thanks for the laugh. That is a hoot!

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Hi - Sara checking in from Limerick. I am ALSO originally from Gorham. I live with my husband, two sons and three dogs on about 30 acres and love it! I mostly plant perennials, some annuals and I want to get some roses and peonies next year.

I am glad to have this local forum!

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welcome Sara!

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SilverQueen(Z-5 Maine)

I have stagefright.

Silver Queen

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Mainiac(5b Maine)

Okay fellow Mainers! You might think I have it easy down here in Cape but do you know how dreadful it is to live in the Cape slums! The picture isn't quite complete unless you visualize me with holes in the toes of those muddy boots and knowing that this winter I will be chilled to the bone cuz I spent all my money on plants and won't have enough $$ for oil! Then there are the deer! Cape is a NO-Hunting zone so they are everywhere. They are cute until they eat the buds of the lilies and follow it with a hosta salad for a chaser! And don't forget the coyotes we have running around eating our cats.

But all in all, Maine is the best place to live! Don't you agree!

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samuraisix(z4 Maine)

As a transplanted Maineiac, I agree that Maine is the best place to live and that September / early October the best time to be here. I've been checking into the forums for years, long before I had a garden. Now three years in the Lakes Region - Harrison - I'm slowly learning, experimenting, and figuring out what will happily cohabitate w/woods, sandy soil, loads of chipmunks, squirrels, birds and 1 wacky dog. I swear I've got 30+ micro zones around my house. So far my most succesful plants are astilbe, heuchera, garlic chives, sanvitalia and my triumph (to Me) - 7 different morning glories from seed. They blanket one wall and the display changes daily. I just registered and was thrilled to find this new forum.

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welcome samuraisix...
I suspect Silver Queen has alot to share...:)
Mainiac, we are suppose to get a good frost tomorrow night ( the entire state of Maine!) Please stay warm, keep the ageratum covered and perhaps all the fiberous begonias and the pellies...oh dear...winter is coming!

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samuraisix(z4 Maine)

Thank you for the welcome gardengardengardenga.......

Came out this morning to find the potted dahlias, morning glories and fuschias frost limp. Glad I got the coleus in a few days ago and the begonias will come in now - their colors really brighten up the windows (none south - darn) in the winter.

I was looking for dahlia wintering help - first year - think I'm going to try the saran wrap method - anyone ever leave any in the ground?

Gorgeous and cold here.

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I have never tried a plastic a cover protection. COuld one use chicken wire and leaves as a heavy compost?

I have only had a few dahlias ever come back in zone 5. I think that being next to a leech feild kept the ground a bit warmer.

Sounds like a new thread to keep going and building on.

Cheers and good luck...

I went cranberry picking yesterday...the berries are the largest Ive ssen since the early 90's! Majority still very crunchy. Perfect!
I ammaking juice, jelly, pies, and muffins today with cranberries!

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sue36(Z5 Maine)

Originally from Mass., moving to ELiot (DH and I are building a house). I am used to zone 6 gardening and will need to adjust to zone 5 with a fierce wind. I will be starting from scratch on my gardens. I want to concentrate on peonies, roses, lilies, hydrangeas and dahlias. Any advice on getting blue hydrangeas to bloom would be appreciated.

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Hi Sue36, welcome over to the way life should be state!

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Cindy_T(z4-5 ME)

Cindy from Turner here. I just discovered this forum and am delighted!! DH and I have gardened since we were first married (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth!), starting with a vegetable garden and gradually growing more and more ornamentals. Now we grow a lot of perennials and an increasing number of vines. I find I am more interested in foliage all the time and, after a visit to Field Stone Gardens on Open Farm Day, I've decided that you really can't have too many hosta!

After last winter, I've taken a solemn vow not to complain, so matter how much snow we get this year!

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Hi Cindy!

It feels good to share with fellow Mainers about gardening.

Has everyone gotten their garlic planted? I havent yet, but hope to by November 1....

Please dont freeze up before then oh state of Maine!

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HarvestFlo(z5 ME)

I live in Surry, ME and am finally starting to do some of my own gardening after working with farmers in the tropics for many years, starting as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama. I am writing today to ask for hoop house advice.

In lieu of spending $2,000+ to rent two tents for our wedding reception, my fiance and I are wondering if we could put together a couple of hoop houses that could serve the same purpose. We would need one that would be 30' X 45' that we would like to move to a different site later to use as a greenhouse. The other one would need to be 30' X 60' and we would like to take it apart after the wedding and reuse the material in the building of our house or sell it.

Could anyone offer any advice as to whether this is a realistic plan? If so, could you offer advice on the least expensive way to go about doing this while trying to use as eco-friendly materials as possible?

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Heather from Newport here!! I could have sworn I posted here before but I seem to be lost again....
I am a regular on the swap forum. I usually trade a "Sunflower House Kit" for just about anything.
I have a some nice raised beds and do a lot of container gardening due to not being a landowner...I get by.
Roses are still my Achilles heel. I know some swear they can grown them here but they are annuals at my house! Gets to be an expensive habit but one that keeps me sane and legal!
Cheers to a bountiful 2005!

    Bookmark   January 1, 2005 at 4:30PM
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Im from maine i want to host a plant swap for us mainers for 2005 let me know if you all would like a get together

    Bookmark   January 3, 2005 at 6:29PM
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Greetings HarvestFlo, roycebro, and Ihatebugs!

I would love to attend a swap in Maine. Please let me know what you decide.

    Bookmark   January 6, 2005 at 10:12AM
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Hello, Dan checking in fron Augusta. We have several vegetable gardens, one at my home in Augusta, and the other in Sidney. We planted 100 lbs of Kennebec and Red Pontiac potato seed this year in the plot in Sidney. It was unbelievable the amount of return we got.

We grow a multitude of vegatables and have several perrenial beds.

Did plant high bush bluberries this year. Be interesting to see how they will winter.

    Bookmark   January 8, 2005 at 5:32PM
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Hi Dan, I too, had a great year with my patatoes. I enjoy planting a diversity of them.

Good luck with your blueberies, so far no problem with our snow coverage!

    Bookmark   January 8, 2005 at 9:01PM
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Wow! Didn't even know there was a Maine Forum!
I'm Kim from Kennebunk and have just recently started my flower beds.
I love to crochet, grow houseplants and garden.
I have recently started Kreating my own beaded plant hangers and enjoy that immensely also.
Here is a link which shows some of my obsessions *lol*.

Can't wait to chat/trade with you all!

    Bookmark   January 12, 2005 at 5:54AM
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Hi and welcome Kim, I think your crochet is quite impressive.

    Bookmark   January 13, 2005 at 5:31AM
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Well thank you so very much Garden, I love to Kreate unique crochet items, it's therapy for me *lol*.

I am so thrilled to find all you Mainer's! Forgive me for saying this but I feel that Mainer's are the best as it gets *lol*. We are all neighbors here in Maine!


    Bookmark   January 13, 2005 at 3:08PM
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Flowerhen(z4 Maine)

I just found this forum a couple days ago. I have been on Gardenweb for 3 year now,,and never noticed it...=0
Anyways, I am from Minot, I have a Greenhouse business where I sell Perennials, Annuals and Hanging Baskets.
Cindy From Hebron, I also lost alot of perennials last year. Terrible, isn't it ?


    Bookmark   February 9, 2005 at 4:53PM
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bllmrtn(Z-4 Maine)

Hi, Bill here just to say hello. I live in Auburn, and try to ad a little something every year. I have installed my own lawn irrigation system in the front yard, and am looking into doing the rear this spring. I have various flower beds, but wish I had more property. Anyway its a nice colorfull backyard. Hope to meet some of you someday. Take care, Bill

    Bookmark   February 12, 2005 at 9:15PM
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lilyroseviolet(Maine 4and 5)

welcome Bill, sounds like an undertaking to put in your own irrigation system.

Hey Courney, where have you been hanging out, I havent noticed your postings before. Anyways, it is good to get all the Maineiacs together.

    Bookmark   February 14, 2005 at 4:42PM
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Flowerhen(z4 Maine)

Lilroseviolet...I used to hang around quite often on the "greenhouse and garden structures forum"..and on the "Roses" forum, though I haven't been over there much lately. Thank you for saying hello !!!

    Bookmark   February 15, 2005 at 6:51PM
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heroncove(4b IL)

I know as a "summer person" that I am not considered a Maniac but I have to spend the work year here in Illinois with my husband as both our jobs are here. Our future retirement house in Maine has a winter tenant so we can afford to use it for a few weeks of bliss in the summer. I first visited Maine in 1964 and have not missed a summer since then. My heart swells with joy when we cross the Bath bridge, open the car windows and smell the first salty air.
I garden with perennials in the beds and annuals in the window boxes and containers on the porch. I lost my Bonica rose and many perennials with that hard winter last year and still had Japanese beetles in my Rugosas. Sigh. We look out at Indiantown Island in West Boothbay Harbor so the bird activity is as much fun as the plant stuff. I dug a little pond a few years ago and that brings a lot of pleasure. The resident frog is big enough to croak so loudly we hear him indoors! Mary

    Bookmark   February 16, 2005 at 8:06AM
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butterhill(z5a Maine)

We are in Guilford (about 30 minutes by car south of Greenville and Moosehead Lake) and have many daylillies...about 100 different ones! We came to Maine in 1985 and have been here since...year-round. Figured that daylilies might just do well this far north, and they haven't let us down yet! Every year we get beautiful flowers, people coming from all over the local area to take photos of the display in the front...most never see what we have out back! We did learn that snow cover is year we had very heavy cold temperatures without snow cover, and that spring we found many rotted daylily plants (mostly the young plants that hadn't reached the ripe old age of 3). It looks as if this year will be a good one....lots of snow early, and even during our January thaw we got more snow before we got the cold temperatures. Gardeners in Maine have to be optimistic!

    Bookmark   March 7, 2005 at 3:59PM
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Veazie here! Zone 3
Love to garden...hypertufa and rock garden my fav's.

    Bookmark   September 28, 2010 at 9:04PM
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