Frozen sugar maples

pattio2(z4b - ON)May 26, 2010

We had a very early spring and the leaves on our 3 doz. sugar maples were about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Then sometime in the first week of May we had a very hard freeze and all the leaves have dried up and are falling off. Some of the leaves are being replaced slowly especially on the south side and bottom of the trees. Does anyone know if the leaves will all be replaced and will this do any harm to the trees? They are over 100 years old and sure would hate to loose them.

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Yes of course they will grow back.
Your trees are over 100 years old... you think this was the first time they went through a late freeze???

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pattio2(z4b - ON)

Well my father is 94 and he's never seen it around here before.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

that would make it special! I remember a hail storm and my 84 year old grandmother said it was the biggest she'd seen. I thought that was surely unique.

Really I'd bet they would unless there is other stress. To put it in gamer terms I think of trees having maybe 5 regenerating hit points. A drought costs one, frost after leafing out another, some bug attack a third, too much shade a fourth, who knows.

Point is any one probably won't kill the tree but will lessen its reserve energy for awhile, it will just be one of them years with a smaller than normal growth ring.

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Happens all the time where I am. (Every several years) Not to worry.

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