Twig arbors and fences

chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)July 31, 2004

Have any of you built a twig arbor or fences for you gardens? I'm pretty proud of the way mine have turned out so far. I built my first one about 4-5 years ago. I decided to add another one (bigger and better) and have started a twig fence that will eventually enclose the entire garden. Here are some pics.


This was taken in late May, right after I finished the arbor.

This was taken in late June. I have a section of the fence well started. Both this and the previous pic are taken from inside the garden.

This shot is also from late June and is taken from outside the garden. You can really see the fence here.

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What a great job! Charming!

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It's really beautiful, and I also like the little path you have made going through the arch. Would you like to share some tips, and what to expect in terms of time and expense?

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Flyline(z5 ME)

So pretty! I tried to do one around my vegetable garden one year, but didn't attempt an arbor! I assume you use green twigs and branches, and then tie them with what? Wish I had known how to build one this spring - I ended up installing a white picket fence around my flower garden instead. Had to do something to keep the dogs out!

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I applaud you on a great job! Very cool, I think that what you are doing is fabulous, thanks for sharing. Also very inspiring,too. Thanks again

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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Thanks everyone! Well, it wasn't a quick process. I'm planning on putting the fence all the way around the garden, but I have to admit that I'm spleeny and if I don't get outside at the right time of the day, nothing gets done. The reason for this is because of the bugs, skeeters and no-see-ums to be exact! They just won't go away this year! Both drive me absolutly crazy! I hate to use bug repellent, but have to early summer when the blackflies are out too. But anyways, if I go out to early (usually before 8am) or to late (after 5pm these days) or even on extremly cloudy days...that's when they are the worst. Then if midday is to hot/humid...well you get the picture don't you? :-( The best time to do this kind of job is early spring/summer before the bugs start to hatch or Sept,Oct and early Nov after they have "frozen". Yes, I use green saplings, cut all branches off. I use metal fence posts to attach the saplings too and then wire them to the posts(I call it bailing wire, but I guess it's used on rebar?) and then I have this tool that "twirls" the wire. I'll take a pic of the supplies that I use tomorrow and post it.


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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Here is the pic of the tools/supplies that I use to make my arbors and fence. I always put the metal posts on the inside of the arbors and the inside of the fence. Just looks better on the arbor and plants will hide them on the fence.

The metal posts, I prefer the four foot ones. The only thing not pictured is wire cutters.


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:-( I can't see the photos, what happened? I'd love to see, as I've built a twig fence and several twig arbors and I love to get ideas from more advanced practitioners...


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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Well there...I figured that out! If you remove the pics from Photobucket then you can't see the pics anymore! I'gues I'd better put the arbor pics back on there too!

Mable, I'm not a pro, this is my third arbor (they get better each time I make one) and the first attempt at a fence. :-)


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onlysyd(z6 CT)

Hi Cathy,
The fence and arbors look great! I've been researching to make a fence next year around my veggie garden. This will be perfect. I'm going to use some sort of screening on the inside to keep the critters out and I will do the twigs on the outside. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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zengeos(5 Maine)

A little late to this discussion, but I have been looking into natural, more organic fences and structures like arches. I've actually been considering a fedge type of live fence/hedge. Sounds intriguing and I suspect would fit right into the type of branch structures you have made.

I like the variety and natural ambiance your garden has...very in tune with the surroundings.


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Your fence looks so nice! I'm trying to build one to keep the dogs out of the planting beds. They are 150 lbs Great Pyrenees (think white Saint Bernard) and can knock down just about anything. They stand on the plants, barking, as if they weren't even there. Do you think this kind of fence is sturdy enough?


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Wow - beautiful and creative! I also have dogs that have NO REGARD for our hard work in the gardens! (Just like a mutt, huh!) I was looking for an affordable, natural look to incorporate with my farm as well. Have seen a twig fence and arbor in Birds And Blooms mag or on but can't find it again! Did you ever finish the fence? Would love to see it!

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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Well, this is what the arbor looked like a couple of weeks ago. After all, it is something like 5 yrs old. The arches on top had dried and snapped. It was closing in on itself. And the rest of it was just rotting and parts of it were breaking off and falling on the ground. Anyways, I decided that it was time to go. I tore it down and immediately started putting up a new one!

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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

A follow up to Twig arbors and fences... So here is the new one, so far... As you can see, it is a different style. I've found that the arched ones, well after a year or two the arches dry and snap in two and you lose your whole look! Quite depressing after all the work I put into building it. So I have decided to make it all with "square" corners instead of curves. I also am using larger diameter saplings. My thought behind this is that it will last even longer before I have to replace it. I hope to get it finished this weekend, now that the rain has stopped for the moment and I also have some free time to work on it. My plan, right now, is to put a pointed "roof" on it. I'll post another picture when I finish it.

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What an interesting thread! I've been looking for ways to use up some of the trimmings and branches that need to be trimmed in my yard. I'd like to find some information on constructing a rustic swing to hang from a tree in the backyard. Adding rustic elements such as these brings a natural feel to the area. Love it!

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