Feeling so far behind....

jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)March 28, 2014

I am usually planting like crazy now, gardens tilled, beds prepped, mulch laid. Minus one bed of carrots that I planted in January, I have nothing planted. I hope that changes this weekend. I have 2 cases of onions to plant and a half-case of leeks. I hope I can get them in this weekend.

Despite a little on the cool side, 45-50, we are going to pull the plastic on the big high tunnel this afternoon. The highest wind gust all day has been 5 mph. Kinda crazy because on Wednesday it was 55 mph and last Monday we had 6 inches of snow! It is suppose to be in the 75-80 degrees on Sunday.

I am having problems with broccoli, cauliflower and Bok Choy. I am thinking it is some type of mildew. The plants get about their first true leaves, then they start to get crunchy and die. I started this year with new soil, new trays and new inserts. These plants are grown in our house under lights. I don't understand why they are dying. Everything else looks just fine.

I have 350 plus lettuce heads to transplant and another 200 plus kales, and 700 tomatoes and 400 bell peppers. I am behind on getting my plants to sell started too. Should have been done weeks ago, just not enough time. Once again, maybe this weekend.

If I get the new tunnel covered and finished, I will be feeling much better about things. Then I will get planting like crazy! Our first markets begin on April 19th. I already said I wouldn't be going, but I am thinking I will start around May 3rd. Time will tell.

How are things going for you?

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You are not alone. The wife got 3 cases of Candies planted last weekend, and we've got 2 more assorted cases of leeks and onions to go. Heck, it was 18 here Wednesday morning, and we had showers last night. No potatoes and nothing else even considered. I did add a few trees to the orchard and added to my currant and gooseberry beds. I have most of the pruning done. No asparagus, no rhubarb, no ramps. No green grass, no leaves, no tulips or daffodils (they are emerging). My fish are feeding well though!! I fear it will go straight from winter to summer. I also have no energy. Since there's no use going to the farm, I just want to nap after work. Normally, I'm going full tilt by this time.

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My biggest tomato plants only have their second set of leaves. They were just going into cell packs today, I am easily a month behind.

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Hi ya all, I'm still around and checking in now and then.
So you think you're feeling far behind, we have 9 FEET of frost in the ground yet this SPRING. Crazy or what !! We got 12 inches of that wet white stuff last night. Not to much started yet, 1 month behind here Too ! So far- 340 lettuce plants, 50 toms, 100 peppers ( all still under lights/waiting to transplant in HT).
DH and I are heading to Missouri next weekend (got to get out of this SNOW belt) we will be looking for a new home to buy, I hope it's nice there. When we get back home to the Snow belt I have to get in full gear.
Can you see the HT ??

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Do you want to come over sit in my yard swing, sip on a cup of coffee and watch the snow MELT ??
Let me know, I'll bake a snowball cupcake.

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How many sets in a case of onions?

So far I've only planted out some claytonia and spinach and seeded some mache a few days ago. The weatherman calls for one more subzero (F) low on Monday, so I'm holding off on transplanting until Tuesday. I've got 60 trays of transplants ready to go into the hoophouses - swiss chard, golden and red beets, kale and turnips. Once that's done and the space under lights is freed up, I'm going to start peppers, eggplants and other solanums. They will go in the hoophouses in early June just after the beets and turnips etc get harvested.

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grow_life(6A OH)

I thought my tray of tomato seedlings would be ok in the HH with row cover and heater cables around them. We hit 16 Wednesday morning. 100 rubber seedlings later, Guess who's starting a new tray tonight?
Peas and favas went in the ground last night, that's it for the outside stuff so far.

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We just passed our last scheduled below freezing night for the next two weeks. I will be busy as can be next week. I have to get my vacuum seeder done and hope it works right off!

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Hi Phil,
I've found that using a double layer of row cover exponentially improves the frost protection, especially if there are heating cables underneath. Two layers of a row cover rated for 4 degrees of protection give well over 8 degrees of protection.

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I got 400 high tunnel tomatoes planted today as well as 50 zucchini plants. 400 lettuce plants and some carrots were planted three weeks ago in the high tunnel and they look great. Cucumber plants will get planted inside the high tunnel in a couple days. It has warmed up but it's been raining for two days here. A lot more rain in the forecast this week. Look's like it will be several days before anything can be tilled up outside. Thank goodness for high tunnels.

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Waiting to harden off the lettuce, kale and spinach. Most of the peppers are up (found 1 Cascabel poking up today in a 6-pack I thought wasn't ever going to germinate!). All are under lights (greens in 50*F basement). Just started tomatoes on Sat, have 1 flat on heat and 2 just room temp. Still waiting for seeds for my early varieties.

Sleet and freezing rain right now, was a washout this w/e so will be too muddy to plant anything for a while but March was so dry (Feb just about avg precip) that we can use it - now that the ground isn't frozen and it can sink in. Though there is still a lot of flooding in the state.

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Jay how do you germinate your peppers. I am having a bear this year. I read that peat based potting mix can cause low germination. I don't know. I even built a germination chamber out of an old fridge and still barely any up after 2 weeks. I am about to start buying my pepper transplants.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

What temperature are you running? I aim to run mine at 80-85 and in 3 to 4 days they start to pop up. I need to start 500-600 more two weeks ago, but it will be tonight.

What kind of peppers? Bells, Hots, Super Hots?


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California Bell, and Jalfuego, Gigantia, and M jalapeno. I run the temp in the chamber on a thermostat set to 90. I believe I planted them too deep. They probably got more than 1/4 inch. I have had bad success this whole year seeding. I think just getting too much in a hurry and not paying attention.

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Also I am using 72 cell flats if this makes a difference.

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I am not behind at all since I decided only to sell at the best time of the year, but I am afraid I will be too busy with other projects to keep up with the beds if I plant them all, both growing and marketing. I will lean towards more storage squash and other things we can "put up" just in case.

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