Cat nip in little pots?

ryseryse_2004March 21, 2013

I am trying to come up with different things for the farmer's mkt. here and wonder if anyone has tried selling catnip? I plan on using a large white board on an easel with pictures/prices etc. and think that will show people what I have.

Also, I am starting pots of basil, parsley and ornamental purple peppers. This is the first year I am participating in a new market and don't want to even try to compete with farmers.

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Catnip wouldn't sell for me. I did sell a little cat grass. Cats that are kept indoors love to eat cat grass. I thought it would make them throw up, but that didn't seem to happen.

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I have a catnip in the garden and if you plant this in a little pot (dividing you existing plants) you must sell it quickly because it grows so fast. How about comfrey, it is soo easy and a prime plant for fertilizing any garden, but I have no idea how this sells.

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I sold a few last year. I dug up some that grew in my garden and repotted them into 4" pots, sold them for $2.50, I sell at two small town markets, I have to keep my prices somewhat lower than larger markets, if I price things too high, I can't sell them.

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When I did FM's, catnip would sell about 2 $3 bags a week, on average. I did not do live plants as cat prefer dried catnip flowers and leaves to fresh; plus I can sell dried nip year round.

A potted catnip plant would be a waste as any cat would kill in in under an hour unless it is a big plant in an 8" pot

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