WANTED: 2013 mag spring swap: want list

kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)March 17, 2013

2013 MAG Spring Swap: Plants You WANT List

Saturday, May 11, 2013 from 10am to 1pm
at GardengrammaâÂÂs Gorgeous Encampment in Burtonsville (see link below)

KEY THINGS WE MUST DO (read carefully!):


  • DO post a list of the plants you WANT on this thread. Please add Latin names and cultivar names, as applicable, if you can.

DO list any other garden stuff, such as seeds, tools, pots, magazines, books, and gnomes that you want. Somebody else might have it and want to get rid of it!

DO read other people's lists. If you see things you have and want to arrange a trade, please e-mail the person directly via private e-mail. To e-mail the person, click on their name at the top of their post.

DO update your lists when you think of more things you want.

DO feel free to update your member page with your Haves and Wants and to link your post here to any Plant Exchange page you may have.

DO NOT arrange trades on this thread. Please arrange them via private e-mail.

DO NOT use this thread for your Haves. That's what the MAG Spring Swap: Plants you have thread is for.

DOs and DONâÂÂTs for the SWAP:

  • DO wear a nametag (of your screen name).

DO label your motor vehicle with a big, visible label (of your screen name).

DO label your plants. The plant labels do not need to be fancy. Popsicle sticks, plastic spoons, or masking tape are fine.

DO mark reserved plants (i.e., plants which you already arranged a trade for) so that other people do not take them by mistake. (It helps to put them somewhere less accessible to the general plant shopper, too.)

DO take plants labeled âÂÂFreeâ or âÂÂPlease TakeâÂÂ. (In fact, PLEASE DO take plants labeled âÂÂFree" or âÂÂPlease TakeâÂÂ. In double fact, take many of those plants!)

DO NOT take anything marked "Reserved" or labeled for someone else.

DO ask if you are not sure whether it is ok for you to take certain plants.

DO protect the plants you are taking home with you by putting them into your car so there is no confusion.

DO, when you leave, take home (or sneak into somebody elseâÂÂs vehicle) the plants you brought that nobody wanted.

LEAVE NO TRACE - DO NOT leave any plant leftovers for Gardengramma to deal with.


Answer: Yes, you can come even though you don't have any plants to trade. Your main assignment is to bring food or other items for the potluck. (Chocolate-containing foods are strongly encouraged.) Please discuss your potluck contributions at the MAG Spring Swap Food thread, not here. Also, note that, in many cases, the reason people are bringing these particular plants to the swap for you to take home is because the plants are, um, âÂÂvigorousâÂÂ. Also, we want to enable new gardeners as much as we can, so that in a few years, you will have...

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Oh Oh kewl....I'm the first. Yippee.
I am going to have a garden plot this year and I would love to have vegetable seedlings, pepper plants, eggplant, squash, tomato plants, everything and any veggie starts.
I'd also love more iris as I always do.
Let me know what you want from my list of haves when I get them up in a few weeks.

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lily of the valley
any named New England or New York asters
plants that prefer being sited near water (ex.- run off ditch)
Siberian iris

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kimka(Zone 6B)

While anything that blooms in the shade is always of interest, I have some specific wants

Grape tomato plants
Hardy plumbago (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides)
Reblooming daylilies (except Happy returns)
Skullcap (Scutellaria)
New England/New York Asters
Hakone grass
Named red raspberry plants

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brubeckgal(z7 MD)

I want almost anything at this point. I am starting two postage stamp gardens from scratch this year. One full sun the other full shade. I am afraid that this is going to be one of those years when I will have to take more than I can give away.

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(the length of my wants list is embarrassing!)

Redbud seedling (Cercis canadensis)
Mayapple (Podophyllum peltatum)
Canadian ginger (Asarum canadense)
UNvariegated Solomons seal (Polygonatum odoratum -- or is it commutatum? or biflorum?)
Allegheny spurge (Pachysandra procumbens)
Woodland stonecrop (Sedum ternatum)
Virginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica)
Butterflyweed (Asclepias tuberosa)
Swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata)
White milkweed (Asclepias verticillata)
Giant coneflower (Rudbeckia maxima)
Birdsfoot violet (Viola pedata)
Red lobelia (Lobelia cardinalis)
Blue lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica)
Tomato seedlings
Hollyhock seedlings
Zinnia seedlings

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madsquopper, I'd love that pink brugmansia! Or if anyone else has a brug or a brug cutting.

Also looking for:

variegated solomon's seal
golden creeping jenny
any golden hosta
sedum blue spruce
hellebore seedlings
amsonia hubrichti
any creeping phlox

edit: oops! email now open!

This post was edited by ssmdgardener on Thu, Apr 4, 13 at 19:30

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kimka(Zone 6B)

ssmdgardener, you haven't listed an email with Gardenweb. I have rooted cuttings from two brugs available--one a yellow noid with a great scent and Angel endless summer--if you want either.

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Hard to believe it's that time again, and I am hoping for some help with my want list:

Pulmonaria -any varieties
Japanese Anemone - white or any
Scented geranium in lemon or lime scent
New England aster in pink or white
Campanula - any variety especially blue ones and no Cherry Rose pls

I am sure that I will add more later...but this is a good start.

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Here's my list of wants. Please see my 'haves' on the other list.

Alchemilla-- lady's mantle
Lily of the valley-- need lots!
canadian ginger
european ginger
any viburnum
aucuba (rooted cuttings or plant divisions)
any campanula

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I knew I was forgetting things. I am also looking for more lavender plants if anyone is dividing theirs. Thanks!

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kimka(Zone 6B)

Peter pepper plants or seeds

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here's my wishlist:

bellflower (Campanula percisifolia)
Dame's Rocket (Hesperis matronalis)
firewitch dianthus
sweet william
lily of the valley (pink)
lavender (any variety)
any type of brugsmania


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Wants - so many...

Sedums, anything except "Blue Spruce"
Milkweed, the smaller kinds
Annual larkspur, if anyone started seeds
Euphorbias, any
Coreopsis - Moonlight or Zagreb
Yarrow - yellow Moonshine or a pink
Chameleon plant (H. cordata)

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We are planting two new areas and need lots of plants:
For fruit:
thornless blackberry
beach plum

For water runoff area and buffer zone:
euonymus americanus, strawberry plant
arrowhead viburnum
iris versicolor, northern blue flag
juncus canaduensis, canadian rush
eupatoriadelphus fistolosus, spotted joe pye weed
clethra alnifolia,
dicentra eximia bleeding heart,

Also, if available,
Osmunda cinnamomea - cinnamon fern
Thelypteris palustris - marsh fern

Grasses and Grasslike Plants:
Carex stricta - tussock sedge
Panicum virgatum - Virginia switchgrass
Tripsacum dactyloides - gama grass

Herbaceous Plants:
Caltha palustris - marsh marigold
Eupatorium dubium - Joe-Pye weed
Eupatorium perfoliatum - common boneset
Helianthus angustifolius - swamp sunflower
Lilium canadense - Canada lily
Lilium superbum - Turk's cap lily
Lobelia cardinalis - cardinal flower
Lobelia siphilitica - great blue lobelia
Senecio aureus - golden ragwort
Sisyrinchium atlanticum - coastal blue-eyed grass
Solidago rugosa - wrinkle leaf goldenrod
Verbena hastata - blue vervain

Herbaceous Emergents (growing up out of water):
Acorus calamus - sweet flag
Hibiscus moscheutos - rose mallow
Iris versicolor - blue flag iris

Shrubs (low):
Aronia melanocarpa - black chokeberry
Gaylussacia frondosa - dangleberry
Hypericum densiflorum - dense St. John's wort
Kalmia angustifolia - sheep laurel (evgr)
Rubus allegheniensis - Allegheny blackberry

Shrubs (medium):
Baccharis halimifolia - high-tide bush
Cephalanthus occidentalis - buttonbush
Ilex verticillata - winterberry holly
Itea virginica - Virginia sweetspire
Rhododendron viscosum - swamp azalea
Rosa palustris - swamp rose
Sambucus canadensis - common elderberry

I realize this list is way to long, but we'll take what we can get!

Thanks, Lisa

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My wants are VERY simple.
(1) Marigold. Any type or color
(2) Bamboo. - I am looking to replace my fence and plan to use bamboo.
(3) Strawberry plants
(4) Ajuga

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Oh yeah
Any copies of FINE GARDENING magazine (I really like that one)

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

azalea bushes
wild blueberry bushes
Kwanzo daylily
duchman's breaches
other oddity woodland plants...

Any and every kind of hosta...
Rhubarb division, heirloom especially but will take any
Extra large blooming rudbeckias
Non-yellow rudbeckias
Any hummingbird attractors
Decorative milkweeds - asclepias
Herb divisions:
Thyme, French/Elvin
Thyme, lemon
Sage, pineapple

(will post more as I figure things out...)

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gardengranma(6a/6b MD)

Hi guys- all I want are vinca minor- not the variegated type- too invasive. Also tomatoes, preferably old fashioned varieties and strawberries and any other very plants that you think I might like, Also any other good ground cover and water lilies in exchange for lotus. You know whatever is on my list can be dug when you are here except for water willow- very invasive-I had my whole pond totally redone because they were so bad.

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I would love some coleus!

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Here is my want list:

-fig cuttings (I have 1 fig tree, but would like to start a bunch of different varieties.)
-paw paw
-*garden peach* variety of tomato
-any kind of berries that can tolerate some shade:
-raspberries (I have the native ones, would like another variety.)
-onions that will grow (as opposed to rot) in NOVA
-perennial primose (shade)
-Russian princess lobelia

See my "have" list for trades. I'll be happy to take anything else that will grow in full shade!


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A friend of mine would love some hostas. He didn't specify any particular type.

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I am just back from five days in the hospital and ruptured appendix. Long recovery expected, but will attend the exchange with the help of my trusty husband. As soon as I have a bit more energy I will review all the messages and then ask your indulgence to post the list I make here as I've found it is so easy to miss an email when they pour in every day. That way people will know whether I have somehow missed their particular email.

Annebert, I didn't realize that you were not getting my emails. Yes, I do want one each of the dahlias.

Thanks so much to you all for your patience. Lisa

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annebert(6b/7a MD)

My short wish list:

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If anyone has any extra balloon flowers(platycodon) in any color or some white chelone(turtlehead) pls let me know.

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Lisa, We need to keep this thread for only the want lists. If you would like to start a thread of trades just for you...that might do what you need. Then edit your post here to include your list and a link or prompt to that thread.

**Lists only here.**

(No discussions or arranging. You can prompt if someone does not have their email/messaging set up, but none else please.)

This post was edited by kilngod on Wed, Apr 24, 13 at 16:56

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herbal(z7 MD)

My wants are:
mexican sage bush
anne raspberry
red, burgundy or lime coral bells/heuchera
sweet cicely
yarrow (Matrure please, this is for a community garden, I think babies would get trampled)
hyssop (mature also)

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sfmiller(z7 MD)

I could use any of the following:

Lady's mantle
Pulmonaria (any)
Brunnera (any)
Salvia caradona
Salvia mexicana
Salvia 'Marcus'
Agastache 'Blue Fortune,' 'Golden Jubilee,' or other not-too-tall varieties
Dahlia, tall varieties
sweet autumn clematis

Tomato 'Sungold,' highly disease-resistant varieties
Pepper (bell, jalapeno, poblano)

Open to temptation with other things, too, but bed space is limited and I'm determined to leave with fewer plants than I bring.

5/3/13: NOTE: emails via gardenweb don't seem to be reaching me, so if you've tried to contact me and heard nothing back, that's why. Please email direct at sfXmillerATumdDOTedu . (Remove the X and replace AT and DOT with appropriate characters.)

This post was edited by sfmiller on Fri, May 3, 13 at 8:54

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faerieannette(z7 MD)

I recently moved. I am starting a butterfly garden and some other plantings around some pine and oak trees.

I would like please:

Catmint/Catnip (Nepeta spp.)
Bee Balm (Monarda spp.)
Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta)
Blazingstar/Gayfeather (Liatris spp.)
Caryopteris bluebeard (Caryopteris spp.)
Hollyhock (Alcea spp.) (want black or doubled)
Ironweed (Vernonia spp.)
New England Aster (Aster novae-angliae)
Vitex (Vitex spp.)
catsfoot Antennaria dioica

double hellebore
black hellebore
black iris
painted fern
jack in the pulpit
toad lilly


Thanks! :-)

This post was edited by faerieannette on Sat, Apr 27, 13 at 22:58

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Park Whopper Tomato Plants (a few)
Have Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder for trade for bee hive and plants. send email.

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TINA asked me to start a new thread since I wanted to make sure that I had captured everyone's emails from my time in hospital. I am now facing complication 2, but my husband has offered to stand in for me, bring and collect everything, and even bring the food.

Will everyone please look at my last because there are many things I asked for, but did not receive a response on, and I do not want people to expect we've made an agreement and not get it.

Thanks, Lisa

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I'm looking for any aquatic plants for my fish tank and outdoor pond like water hyacinth, water lettuce.
I only have some extra strawbery and creeping phlox to swap

Thanks, Emily

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I'm the PTA landscaping chair for my daughters elementary school. We totally revamped the gardens last year/started from scratch and while better, things are still VERY sparse. I'd take just about anything that takes full sun and isn't fussy (except daylilies). Particular wants would be:
Black Eyed Susans
Yarrow-any color, not picky
Sedum- Autumn Joy is fine
Coreopsis-any color, any kind

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list is short this year as most of time is on the addition to the house. If anyone still has , I would love to adopt:
dicentra (bleeding heart) any color
wood poppy
blueberry bush

Many thanks

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I just remembered one more thing I could use for my daughters school-liriope, any color is fine. We're using it to edge gardens and I need a ton.

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oogy4plants(6B MD)

A short want list for me. I'll be there from 10-11 if you have any of these to offer.

redbud or dogwood saplings
blue spruce sedum (my patch got trampled last year)
Sedum autumn joy or similar
Carex greyii (kmpsmom)

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very late request:
French tarragon, mine didn't come back
artichoke, ordo you know where to buy?

It grows in VA and my daughter in LA thinks hers is amazing!

Thanks, Lisa

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