Help!! Did I lose my 'Red Sunset' Maple??

judysgardens(7)May 4, 2007

I've been living in my house for almost 3 years and when we first moved in we planted 2 Red Sunset Maple trees on either side of our front entryway. Anyway, it turned out that they were too big for the spot (we got bad information) and they had to be moved. Also, one of them did not get as much sun as the other and it turned red and lost it's leaves in early fall while the other one didn't even start changing color and lose it's leaves for probably a month or more later.

So, we spoke to our landscape guy and decided to move them to the end of our driveway, which is wide open and in full sun. He pruned them and moved them in February of this year when they were still dormant.

One of them, the one that didn't lose it's leaves until late fall, is doing great! It started budding out when all the other maples were and now the leaves are developing nicely. However, the other one, seemed to start budding, but the leaves never opened! It is just sitting there and doesn't seem to be doing anything. It's not dead because I snipped off one branch and it's nice and green on the inside. My landscape guy says to wait and see. That it might have some transplant shock and probably will survive, but, maybe not leaf out completely, and we may lose some branches. But, I'm worried about it.

What do you think??

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He's right, all you can do is wait and see at this point. Unfortunately if it survives, it might be so severly stunted that the other may grow significantly larger in the next couple of years. Only time will tell.

Just be careful not to overwater or underwater as this will make matters worse...sometimes less care is best for maples.

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