Columnar Norway Maple OK???

bobn4burtonMay 17, 2007

Just realized I posted this same message in the general tree forum. Might have been more applicable here in the Maples specific forum, sorry for the double post...

Should I stay away from planting a columnar Norway Maple? I wanted to plant one on the corner of my house just inside the curbing for my flower bed. I have seen a couple of them and thought they were real pretty.

However, after searching a bit on this site and the internet, it seems that these trees are not good. They provide too much shade making it hard to grow things underneath them and the roots are real shallow and suck up most moisture and nutrients.

So my question is about the columnar version. Would it be any better, or am I best to shy away?

If I should shy away, any suggestions on a pretty columnar tree that will be about 6-8 feet away from the house?

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