What to charge for unnamed hostas and daylilies?

ryseryse_2004March 15, 2013

I used to keep track of the names and at one time had over 300 named daylilies. I could sell them on the internet but once we moved from the Chicago area out to the middle of nowhere, I found nobody cared a whit about the names of anything. I took out all the markers because it was easier for grooming.

So, I am doing a farmer's market and want to sell 'unnamed" daylilies and hostas. I will pot them up instead of selling them bareroot so at least people can see they are growing. The hosta's leaves will tell the story but with the daylilies, all I know is that they aren't the orange 'ditch lilies'. Maybe with those, I should wait until they bloom. What do you think?

And, these will be in 6" pots --- what can I charge for them in NW Illinois?

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I'd wait til the lillies bloom.

Last ones that I bought, named, was $7 in gal pots and with at least 1 bloom.

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