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Flat_Land(8a AL)March 28, 2005

Advise on equipment please

I have about 2 1/2 acres that I can use for dirt farming. Currently I use about 1/8th acre intensively planted. What does every one else use to keep about an acre in production. For example does everyone own a tractor, or tiller, no till? I currently use a 6.5 rear tine tiller and some sustainable methods. But the thought of using my tiller for whole acre is daunting, much less two. Is it better to hire ground breaking and just sustain? Please let me know what you do since this land is clear but not farmed in 10 years.


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GrassIsEvil(z6 TN)

Our property was much the same situation and I had someone come in and do the original breaking with a tractor. I have a tiller, particularly useful in making beds, but it wouldn't be sufficient to work that much ground.

Last year, I used a mule for most of the cultivating work, and this year, I'll have a whole crew of them working. They can work wetter soil than a tractor can without the same amount of compaction. And they're going to be powering a water delivery system.


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Flat_Land(8a AL)

Thaks Ray! It looks like I'll have to rent a tractor.

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