Late night weather update!!

leafwatcher(zone 5)July 29, 2012

Trudy, the rain is on the way !

I brewed up a special rain dance and this one is a sure thing, hope you have the north windows closed !

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Awe refreshing much needed rain. Havent been out to check the amount.

Lots of lighting too. Nice to hear the rain in the middle of the night!

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Yaaaah for the rain!!!

So glad to hear you got some.

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

3/4 of an inch here, which is more than the last two months..
When I walk in the yard I can actually feel the ground give some, It had been so hard you could feel all those hard peaks were earthworms have tunneled up. And I am talking you could feel them thru my heavy boots !

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3/4 in back gauge and 1/2 in front gauge. Not kidding that is how spotty the rain has been.

Noticed things were different also when walking around. Sure has heated up fast this morning. Guess we arent used to the humidity!

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