spike(6a)July 16, 2004

So have you guys been able to get your tomatoes in the ground yet? (just kidding! ;-)

There's also an exchange area to this forum, maybe it will be useful for arranging some in-person swaps.

Have fun!


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SilverQueen(Z-5 Maine)

Thanks, Spike! I was just out in the garden, tending to my tomato plants. Some of my Early Girls look like they could ripen pretty quickly if the sun were ever to stay out for very long. It's been peeking through the clouds all day. But, I shouldn't complain. At least we haven't had torrential rains they've had down south. Thanks again for giving us our own forum.

Silver Queen

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YAY!!! Thanks, Spike. GardenWeb rocks.

As for tomatoes, I have some tinly little fruits, but am still awaiting the nectar of the gods that is home grown tomatoes.

Mable aka Ali

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leonessa(Z5 ME)

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! It's here!!! Thanks Spike!!! Still got clouds and green tomatoes here too!!! Come on sun...I can see you peeking!!!


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This is my 2nd year gardening here on the Maine coast and I have discovered that you can't take it for granted that zone 5 plants will make it through the winter. My micro-climates must range from zone 3 to zone 6! I am attempting to grow heaths and heathers along the shore line. Has anyone had any experience with these plants this far north? I'm hoping they can take the winter winds. I am used to Virginia gardening, so it's a bit of a change.
I was delighted when Gardenweb added this forum!

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Hi Maineiacs! Hi Barb! I'm in Auburn, pretty far inland, and the only experience I have with heaths & heathers is that I have killed two heathers. Poor drainage and not enough sun, I believe were the culprits. Seems liike if they grow in Scotland, they oughtta do ok on our coast, wouldn't you think?

Today when all of our cats were inside napping, a fat groundhog came waltzing right into our yard and nibbled at my chives. It doesn't look like he touched my sweet potatoes though, even though they were right nearby. I'll inspect a little closer when I go out to mow. Seems kinda queer he was out there in broad daylight. The German Shorthair across the street, who watches for the cats and yips with glee at the sight of them, seemed oblivious to the groundhog. Dogs can be SO numb.

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SilverQueen(Z-5 Maine)

Excuse me, Dollmaker, but I think what you meant to say is that dogs are highly selective!

Silver Queen

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maine_gardener(Z 5 Me)

Thank you spike. I'm in the mid coast area and I have tried both heaths and heathers. A few times. None ever made it through the winter for me.

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eden_in_me(5a Maine)

A thousand rocks to you, Spike. Not an insult, but rocks are our native flowers, aren't they? Make yourself a nice rock garden.
Seriously, I'm looking forward to meeting new gardening friends near Gardiner/Augusta, and I am sure this forum will help, as well as sharing our experiences and failures. Big heathers, little heathers, for example. I wonder how they do it at the Arboreum in Augusta, but they grow fantastically in the rock garden area there.
Welcome friends.


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Thanks Spike...Franklin

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Why yes Silver, that's exactly what I meant! ;0)

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Thanks a ton Spike! Hi folks, I'm Deb in the Sebago region. I managed to peek at the garden in between rain showers today. Lots of big green tomatoes but none ripe. We have had a few sungold....that was just a tempation!! :-)

Has anyone purchased one of the new Everlasting Blue hydrangeas? O'Donnals swears they are hardy to zone 4. Mine is doing well after a slow start. Three beautiful blossoms. Any advise as to how to protect it this winter?

Looking foward to getting to know you folks.


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Wicked Good to have this forum just for US!!!

Thanks Spike--your are a peach to set us up with our own forum!!!

From Eastport, my hubby has renamed the city Coldtown! The furnace is still on and there is a nip in the air just about every day!

Tomato plants are gaining in size and the blossoms are starting to peek out. You know when they say 52 days for fruit, I think they are not talking about around here!


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bourret(z5a Maine)


A thousand thank yous!!!! Hurray! We have our own forum. I'm down in Southern Maine in West Newfield. When is summer going to get here? It rained all week but boy did we need it!

Deb, I just bought the new Hydrangea 'Endless Summer' too. O'Donals and Skillins claim it will bloom for most of the summer? I'll bet they act like buddleias(Butterfly Bushes) and die back to the ground here. I'll be sure to mark the bush so I don't kill it in the Spring. I'm going to plant it on the west side of my house where it will be in a zone 5 environment and hope for the best. If I surround it with chicken wire and mulch it with leaves maybe the canes will survive. We'll wait and see.


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Hiya---from way up north--- next to Baxter State Park. We're having a terrible growing season up here---no sunshine.:( Great weather for weeds, slugs and deer tho! And to think I picked this year to enlarge my flower,herb and veggie gardens!!!
Anyone else in here from this far north?

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thanks Spike! Leasa, check out your memeber page...it doesnt make sense to me, are you here or are you on the raod agian?lol just kidding, where did your travels take you?

The sunshine is still holding out on me here on MDI and in Franklin.

Tomatoes?! GEEEWHIZZZ what a sad topic:(

But let me tell youabout non stop begonias...this is their best year! My patatoes look good and peas like this cooler weather.

Cheers- GGGG

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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Thank you so much Spike! Hello fellow Mainiacs! Hey I'm up North too, not quite as far north as Baxter Park, I'm in Abbot, just below Greenville and Moosehead Lake. Saw enough sun today to see a rainbow....what a tease! My flower gardens are loving the cool rainy weather, most things are blooming like crazy, I think last summer's cool temps acclimated them???? Isn't this what England is like? And they have fantastic gardens!


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Thanks Spike from Raymond,Me :)

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And from "Yohk". ;)

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macropora(z5 ME)

Hello to all from Stockton Springs! Thank you Spike, my tom's are coming in a little slow, but no worries. The squash just started taking off this week the vines are about four feet long. Cukes are coming in finally. I went ahead and planted another couple rows of Suger snap peas (the dwarf type) and Kentucky pole beans near the end of june. All the locals said dont even bother. But who knows...I feel like we are going to have a long warm fall. Thanks again.

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lisacolburn(z5 ME)

Thanks Spike....Yee Haa !!! We have a place to call home !!!
I'll be eating tomatoes by next week !
Lisa in Orono

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maineman(z5a ME)


I really appreciate this forum. This is our second year here in Maine, so we are newbie Mainers, but it is good to have a forum where we all live in the same state. I won't have an inferiority complex here just because my tomatoes are still green.


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Kathy_in_Maine(Zone 4)

Yipee!!! Finally a Maine forum all to ourselves! Way to go Spike! This is gonna be great!


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elaine_maine(5 ME)

WOW! I just noticed this forum. Been to Mass. to a wedding and haven't been on much. I'm from No. Yarmouth, and live in a wind tunnel. I have two tomato plants in containers and they look great. Maters are growing but still green. Thanks again Spike!

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Thanks Spike!

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Tikanmeeko(z4/5 Maine)

I am so excited. If you build it they will come Spike.. and here we are!!
I am in Gardiner and have only been gardening a couple years. My garden is pathetic at best, but I am trying.
Gonna go hit the clearance sales this year and get those things that look mostly dead and give them a good home, that is the only way I can afford to do it unfortunately.. So when you are out there and find a deal that is too good to pass up, Don't pass it up, grab it, I'm sure I will be able to use it and I will paypal you some money for it and postage!!

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Best of luck to y'all... My daughter has a vacation home on Long Lake in North Bridgton. I'm the yard guy. All we've been able to grow are Impatiens.... Too much shade, but HEY it's free lodging...

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