Do you sell edamame?

gama_garden_tx(9)March 16, 2013

Just planted edamame, because I figured our market customers would love it. Do you sell edamame? If so, what sizes and prices? I'm thinking maybe $5/quart unshelled or $4/1.5 pint unshelled. Is that too low?

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I did a trial last year - people eagerly bought at $3/pint unshelled. I didn't have enough to shell and make it look like anything ;-)

Of course this is more expensive area, I don't know what your market will support. Does anyone else around there sell it?

I'm looking at 2 more months at least before I can plant beans, and the edamame says it takes 90 days. Though last year I was selling it early-mid Aug and I don't think I planted until mid-June. I have to keep better records.

Oh, and it wasn't ready all at once either, like Fedco said it would be. I picked for 2-3 weeks off the same plants, not a 10-day window.

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

I grew if for a few years but gave it up. Too much of a pain to harvest.
I have seen some farmers cut whole plants and hang them from the booth at market and selling them by the each. I don't remember how much they sold for.
Sorry, not much help from me......

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It is just as much a pain to harvest as green beans, but sells for more $. If all the pods were ready at the same time then you could cut the plant and sell it, I understand that's the preferred method in Japan, but I just didn't see it happen with my plants last year. Now this year if I have too many to pick (planting all the seed bought in 2011) I may have to do that, but there are going to be some ripe (big and yellow) and some not filled out pods along with the ones that are "just right".

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

I remember each little pod being more strongly attached to the stem than string beans. That and their size is why I say it was a pain.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Yes it is as easy to pick as beans but takes a little more muscle with each pull. I have found a big difference with variety. Envy was not as good as Beerfriend. They are yummy to eat raw. I usually sell out at market too but people either love or hate soy so I ask my CSAs to tell me if they want it.
I plan on using much of the crop this year for saved seed.

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I didn't pick as many last year as string beans, but don't recall them being any more firmly attached. Actually, I ended cutting the Bush Blue Lake green beans off the plants with a pair of kiddie scissors b/c I was snapping the beans or breaking the plants tugging on them. Edamame might be a little harder/take a couple seconds longer to ID ones that are ready b/c you want the seeds filled out but not yellow pods, green beans I was just going on length (and cutting off the ones that were overripe anyway so plants would keep producing, sorted them out later).

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Never tried them raw, only steamed with sea salt. This year I'm going to try steamed and shelled with butter - DH said he ate some in MD on business trip, restaurant served them just like limas.

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