Jrslick got a question for ya.

joe-il(5)March 6, 2011

Hey Jay, hope things are going well for you. Did you plant your high tunnel tomatoes 15 inches apart last year? If so how did that work out? I did 2 ft last year and was thinking I could do 18 inches pretty easy this year. But if I could a few more plants in without any problems I will go a little closer.

Peppers , I have the hybrid pepper "revolution" how close can I space them? double row, staggered.

Got a lot of nice plants this year. heres whats going in the h tunnel

New girl

brandy boy

super fantastic

big beef


bhn-589 (awesome tomato btw)

scarlet red

belle rosa


sweet million

sweet baby girl

bhn 641

sun gold



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Joe, I'm not Jay, but during our conference in So IL, they recommended planting farther apart to help with diseases. They didn't mention how far apart, but being too close would hamper air-flow. Just something to keep in mind.


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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)


I plant them on 18 inch centers. I also planted some on 12 inch centers and trained to a one leader. It was alot of work to do the 12 inch centers, so I am going to stick with the 18 inches. I did this on both the determinate and indeterminate types. On the indeterminate ones, I suckered them up to the first flower cluster and pulled off all the lower leaves. They were just stems for about a foot off the ground. I gradually did this. Basically, if it touched the ground, it was off.

I planted Revolution last year. I don't know about production. I didn't plant them and the list got lost, oops! All the peppers last year were really good.
I plant them on 12 inch centers, staggered double rows. The rows are 16 inches on centers.

I am glad you liked the BHN 589. I didn't plant them last year I went with the BHN 640. I was not as happy with them, but it was a hot and dry summer. Two years ago it was much cooler.

I am trying the BHN 641 also, I hope it works.


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Thanks Jay. Lets hope for a great season!

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