Dog Induced Trauma to my JM

eengmdMay 1, 2008

I was wondering if anybody could give me a prgonosis for my Tamukeyama JM. It is about 4 feet tall with a loose spread approximately 6 feet wide. It is not full. I transplanted in early spring from a lcoal nursery. I saw the tree last year and it did great at the nursery. I planted it one month ago out of an 18 inch diameter pot.

I am designing a Japanese landscape in my backyard and just had several massive boulders placed and I moved several potted plants to their final location thus exposing the base of my JM. My dog dug a foot deep hole exposing half of the roots. Some of the fine roots have no doubt been damaged . I immediately covered it back with the soil and replaced the mulch. The non-damaged roots were likely exposed for less than one hour. I also watered immediately. The leaves are just now becoming full.

Assuming 25% of the fine roots have been damaged on one side, when can I expect to see the damage done? When will I know it has survived this trauma? I also have protected the tree with some boulders so this will not happen again. Are there any additives or lack of additives I sould do to give it the best possible chance for survival?

Thanks for any input.

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You shouldn't have a problem with it. You caught it in time. You migjht want to lay chicken wire around it so the dog doesn't dig any more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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I planted my maples with 3 large rocks of different sizes around each one with 2 bamboo poles in the spaces as well. It seems to deter the dogs for the most part. The rocks actually look similiar to the japanese style of 3 rock clusters. I will post a picture this weekend hopefully.

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Your maple should be fine, although you might lose a few branches if the roots were damaged. Maples are amazingly resilient. Think about all of the bonsai growers who regularly rootprune their trees. Just make sure your maple is well-mulched and watered during dry spells. And, of course, find a way to keep the dogs away.

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