my JM is ugly

kirck(7 PacNW)May 23, 2011

Hello JM lovers

need some advice from you about my tree issue.

My JM is almost 10 feet tall already and because it came with the house I am ot sure his kind(I belive it is glowing ember).Last year he grew 6-7 main branches like 3 feet tall each which was very nice.

The problem comes that this year because of new grow and regularely rain all those nice branches bended a lot and my tree looks more like a willow.Beside that all kids in the neighborhood are tempted to pull the leaves out.

Should I prune the tip of the branches or just leave it alone and it may recover during the summer.

Should I help it with some kind of support(even that will be hard to manage)?

Thanks and sorry I do not have a picture right now.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

If you are just talking about the new growth that will firm up later without interference from you.

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