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bungalow_houseJuly 9, 2007

Hi everyone. I have frequently read posts here but this is my first.

I have a very small front yard (small city lot). I am removing grass from the front yard and replacing with perennials. (I hate grass.) I think I need a hedge of some sort between the walks and the plantings. The mulch is staying in place for the most part, but aesthetically, it just looks like it needs a defining boundary. Anyway, I can't find something that I like that I think would be ok with snow shoveled on it in the winter. Ideally I would like something evergreen (boxwood would be fantastic!) but I would be afraid of winter damage. A neighbor has barberry, but that's a bit taller (and scratchier) than I'd like. I'm thinking a perennial might be a safer bet...daylilies maybe?

Surely someone else has had this issue before and found a good solution. If so, I would love to hear it!!


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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

Daylilies won't do, they're gone in the winter, take quite a while to fill in before the summer, and their leaves decline by late summer/fall.

Shrubs are not my forte, but certain kinds of boxwood are less prone to winter damage than others. I have heard that Korean boxwood handles our winters fine.

There is always yew, grows in sun and shade.

Holly if this is a part shade site. Might be a bit fussier to get going than yew.

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daylilylady(z5 ME)

May I suggest Rhododendron 'PJM'? I just love mine! The extra added bonus to these beauties is that they maintain leaves throughout the winter.

Rhododendron "PJM" (PJM Rhododendron)

Zone 4 Mature size: 3-4' h

Small, dark-green leaves and abundant, purple-pink flowers adorn this broad, fast-growing plant. Leaves turn bronze in winter.

Rhododendron "PJM Elite" (Elite PJM Rhododendron)

Zone 4 Mature size: 3-4' h

Similar to "PJM", but flowers later in spring - the last of the PJM clones to bloom.



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Another option is spirea but that grows quickly and needs to be cut back to about a foot each year. There are both regular and golden so you could alternate plants and get a nice effect. I am attaching a picture, the bush in the back with the purple flowers is a golden spirea. diene

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I need some rhododendron elsewhere, so if the PJM doesn't work as the hedge, I will certainly try it elsewhere.

And the spirea might be just the ticket! I considered it before, but thought it would get taller than I wanted...it never occurred to me to cut it back each year! :)

Thanks everyone!

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