Would you use this to pot up?

2ajsmamaMarch 24, 2013

I've got some leftover Fafard #2 I used for potting up last year, great stuff, but the rest of the bale sat in the garage all winter (in original plastic), any moisture that was in it (or maybe it absorbed some) seems to have frozen, then defrosted as there is a big wet spot on the concrete under the bag. I'm wondering if this could be harboring any spores now, not sure it would be OK for first potting up of seedlings?

Maybe I should buy new (don't need a whole bale this year, started a lot fewer seeds than last year, can look for smaller bag)? Save this for starting greens, potting up larger plants later on or maybe just some flowers? I'm afraid of damping off my precious peppers and tomatoes.

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I would spread it out, water it well, let it dry, then use it. but I'm not as cautious as others. You can spread a thin layer of vermiculite on top, which helps with damping off.

I haven't had any damping off since I quit using the dome lids, crossing fingers. I do let them dry out just til wilting (all plants) until I water the next time (from bottom of course).

I save my MG from one season til next, mainly because the new stuff isn't out when I need to start using it. I use potting soil for seed starter.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

If it has never had plants in it before I don't see how anything could be lurking in there.

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you might need to add some fertilizer, the old stuff might have been lost.

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