selling hollyhock perennials

boston3381(7)March 29, 2011

dose any one here sell hollyhock perennials?? if so what size nursery wholesaler sells them in a 1.62 quart "2 qt. pot"..

but i didnt buy them in pots, i bought them in 288 cell in 6 packs and growing quick i need to get some pots for them. is a 2 qt. pot the right size for them??

they will be sold as retail..

sry still new at this

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I have qts and pots that are marked 200, 300 and 500. The quarts are marked 100. I think they are Dillen pots. I got them used from a nursery/retailer that went out of business a few years ago. They are marked on the bottom and hold about 2qt, 3 qt and 5qt.

Hope this helps. We were all new at one time.


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thank you myfamilysfarm..i been doing a lot of ordering from griffin supplies and they have myers and dilin pots.i have been getting a lot of 1020 trays and 804, 806 sheets and hanging baskets..but i still dont know if that is the right size for hollyhock perennials..

P.S. myfamilysfarm you have helped me befor and thank you

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glad I've been able to help. I know I've learned from others, even after 11 years in market gardening.


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CindyC(Z4 Maine)

I sell my hollyhocks as seedlings in deep 4" square containers. They really don't hold over well because of their tap root so selling them as seedlings has become the answer for this plant. I sell lupine seedlings the same way for the same reason.

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thank you cindyc,
mine are still in 6 packs abought 3 to 4 inchs in hight, with 2 to 3 sets of leaves..
i just had a family friend give me abought 5000 nursery pots some new and some used.

i spent all moring sunday picking up some of them " crap thats a lot of pots " but for free how do you pass it up..they range in size 1 qt. to 15 gal. for now i took just a bunch of each to see what i can use.

i do like to 1 qt. pots i think they will work the best for my hollyhock.

also i need to post some pics of the pots that i have..i dont know if there is a market for 12 to 15 gallon large nursery pots? there are the high-quality blow-molded, some new and some use. my wholesale "griffin catalog" says there aboght 8.00 to 12.00 each?? what would a home owner use a 12 to 15 gallon pot for?? (fruit tree ??)

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I have some larger than that up to 35 gal. I'm selling them as giant pots for tomatoes, you could put 1 per 5-7 gallons, or maybe a tomato and pepper and a basil for a salsa garden. Lots of people are gardening in containers nowadays. Especially people living in apartments or rental situations.

You can plant potatoes or even maybe sweet potatoes in huge planters.


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