Selling herbs in pots

loewenzahnMarch 21, 2013

I have quite a nice collection of herbs and other useful plants in my garden and plant to start part time selling herb plants.
I plan to sell either at farmers markets (but I am limited with a normal car size) or doing garage sales.
I know that you cannot have only rare and strange herb and food plants, especially when you start because most people just want basil, chives, parsley etc. While it is fairly easy rooting cuttings in pots and maybe potting them up, selling herbs which are annuals seem to me fairly tricky and very different when I do that for my garden (I sow them directly).
The first problem is that all must be ready in early spring, which is difficult without a greenhouse. But maybe I could start them in these polystorol boxes from the greengrocer and put some plastic on the top. The second problem is that all herbs must be ready to sell at the same time and they do not have a long sellable live. How to determine when to start each herb?
Third as I usually sow my herbs directly into the garden, I don't know which plants I sow direct in the pots in which they or sow them somewhere else and then transplant.
I might build a shade house, at least this keeps the wind out. I saw an awesome one on the internet, made with star posts and reinforcing mesh, here's the link: (sorry I don't know how to make the link clicky) You can build a greenhouse this way too.
Thanks for any input!

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You do not need to attend the earliest market, but it is preferred. My markets allow someone to be a daily vendor and show up with their product is ready.

Always check to see if the information is appropriate for your area. I see lots of people recommending certain types of hoophouses, but unless the hoophouses are able to withstand 60-80 mph winds, they won't work for me. Just hate seeing those fly away.

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Thanks, yes these seems to be pretty sturdy, especially compared to those out of polypipes. 60 to 90 mph are 90- 128 km/h, that is actually less than what we experienced last year it was about 140 km/h. It is maybe as well the shade cloth which might get a hit.
If I can't get to the earliest market, I think the second or third will do for a start, but I want to have all the basic herbs ready by that time, and I think it is a bit tricky to stagger the sowing correctly, because I don't think that many herbs would have a long life in a pot.
There are some things I could propagate now (it's autumn here) the only thing missing of the very basic kitchen herbs is rosemary, because i still haven't got a bush big enough for making cuttings.

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Good luck, I don't know much about herbs.

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