Recommendation for small rock in Booth Bay

pajkai(z6a MA)July 18, 2004

As a gift to good friends, who live in Booth Bay, I would like to clean out their old ledge/rock garden. It has been overrun with weeds from years or neglect. They've just purchased the home and this is my gift. What can you recommend for a "second home" rock garden. They are not there all the time, so I will need minimum water and minimum care. It faces south west, with sun exposure for about for about 5-6 hours - afternoon.

Thank you for your recommendations.


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eden_in_me(5a Maine)

Dianthus deltoides
Creeping phlox
small cultivar geranium sanguineum, cinareum
mini yellow or variegated hosta
veronica pectinata or liwenensis
mazus repens
mini columbine
corydalis lutea (but may self seed prolifically but easy to pull out)
yellow leaved lysimacia creeping jenny (slower than the gree)
flat growing thyme

Spelling may be incorrect for some. There are more, but I can't think this late at night


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maine_gardener(Z 5 Me)

I live in Boothbay! Is the garden right on the ocean?
If your planning on buying the plants here in Boothbay. Boothbay Region Green house has a nice selection.
We do have quite a deer problem here so I would avoid hostas and any plants deer like!
Sea holly does well, sedums all types stand up well to the ocean winds, daylilys are a tough plant and do well here also.

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pajkai(z6a MA)

Maine Gardner
Yes - it's right on the water in Booth Bay. What if I built a wall of cleome's? Do you think that would keep the deers at bay?

What plants won't they eat that I can plant? Thanks for the tidbit on the nursery. Will they have much of anything the second wseek in August?

'preciate it

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maine_gardener(Z 5 Me)

Cleome should be ok also. The greenhouse should still have quite abit to choose from in mid August. Deer leave cone flowers alone and they have a long bloom time here shasta daisy,black eyed susan,. Deer mainly munch on the hostas.One house that I work at .(I do garden work) had 25 hostas chewed right off in one night last week by deer :(.

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Grammie_ME(z5b ME)

I live on Southport, an island just off the tip of the Boothbay peninsula. This summer deer have eaten all my purple coneflower, tall phlox, mallow zebrina, daisies. So far they have left the small sedum alone but munch on the taller (such as Autum Joy). Invasive ground covers will sometimes do nicely in a pocket in a ledge because the growing conditions are difficult (and a challenge to the invasives.) You might try a June blooming nepeta that is covered with lovely little blue blossoms. What a nice gift you are giving your friend.

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maine_gardener(Z 5 Me)

I didn't realize they ate purple cone flowers. Thanks for letting me know about that.

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Grammie_ME(z5b ME)

I think that deer are coming to my yard because the flies and mosquitoes are too fierce back in the woods. This year the deer damage at our place is worse than usual. I have shooed a buck away in broad daylight. Usually the bucks are not that brazen. Also, deer will eat anything if they are very hungry, although that's not the case here. My deer are fat and sleek - probably from browsing among my flowers.

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maine_gardener(Z 5 Me)

We almost always take a drive around Southport after supper. And almost every night we see deer. Manytimes they cross the road in front of us. Seems like the deer population on Southport is growing.

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