Road Trip

mbug_gwJuly 13, 2014

Road trip to Paxon Hill Farms in New Hope, Pa today. Somehow a few more Hosta found there way into my car.

Remember Me....supposed to be hard to grow well....would appreciate any tips from any of you having success with it

Lakeside Lollipop...getting to really like the dark green

Very big nice Razor's Edge

Beautiful Autumn Brilliance Fern

Enjoyed walking the Gardens too...
Some massive beautiful Blues

Peacock in the Hosta

I posted this before but I love the Hobbit House

Thanks for looking fell free to post your Remember Me if you have it.

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Lovely gardens, and nice new hosta. Did my thread on the greenies influence your choices? Looks like you had a great day.

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old_dirt zone 5b

Remember Me is one of the most colorful hostas I have and stays that way all year. I love it! It is not a very fast grower but comes back nicely every year.
I've had this one for several years, planted in almost full shade and has competition from surrounding trees, so what can I expect for optimum growth?
It does look quite different from the one you posted but in the Hosta Library there are the same differences.

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I found that my Remember Me grows best in a pot for me. I guess I just haven't found the right spot for it.

Old dirt, I think yours is a bit different because of its age. The margins must widen with age.

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bchosta 8b west coast canada

Picked up this Remember Me last season (picture taken then as well). It's my second one - the first was growing well over a couple of seasons in a pot until I decided to plant it in the ground to overwinter it. Bad decision! The soil didn't drain sufficiently well for the amount of rain we experienced. It came back, but with lots of rotten roots and was so small I decided to pitch it.
This one will stay in its container. I try to give it plenty of sun to encourage it to grow well. For it's dramatic, sensational colours, it can't be beaten. That said, it would seem that lots of patience is required whilst waiting for this little beauty to flourish!
Have seen some fabulous specimens on this forum. Hopefully they will be posted again!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Mug, you chose some very nice hostas...Razor's Edge looks like specimen size already! Thank you for the additional pics - beautiful peacock surely adds "extraordinary" to the pics.

Here is my new Remember Me...still retaining some yellow under dappled lighting.

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