HAVE: Passion fruit plants for trade

lileecoiMay 11, 2008

I have passion fruit plants/seedlings for trade. I have yellow, purple and red fruited varieties. I also have seeds.

I'm interested in passiflora and other edibles.

I have 1 and 2 year old plants I'd consider parting with for well established pomegranate plants.

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I'm very interested in a passiflora. No pomegranate, but I've got leeks (both mature ones about to bloom and babies), sorrel, thyme, semper vivum (house leeks are edible), flat-leaf parsley, garlic chives, culinary sage, onion chives, walking Egyptian onions, taragon, oregano, and mint to trade. Lots of non-edible flowers for trades as well.

Your email option doesn't seem to be turned on. You can email me through GW.

I'm not sure that pomegranate produce well in Washington. The ones I've seen in Bartoldi park (across from Botanic Gardens) were tiny and not really edible. But maybe that was a oddity.

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