Japanese Maple from Seed

davemichigan(zone 6a (SE Michigan))May 12, 2009

Hi, how long does it take for a maple to grow from seed to a small tree? I noticed Thompson and Morgan has hybrid maple seeds and thought it would be cool the grow some.

The instruction says to grow for 1-3 years and there plant in the final place. I wonder how big it/they will be in 3 years.

PS: I thought I posted a new post already, but it didn't appear. Sorry if two appears later....

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It will take at least three years for it to get to 1-3 ft tall. Mostly depending on what variety it is.

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Named forms are propagated by grafted cuttings. A seedling grown JM will not (or more properly, should not) carry any specific cultivar name nor are the vast majority hybrids of any form. They will simply be a seedling JM without any cultivar designation.

Still, a fun and rewarding process to grow one from seed and always a surprise to see how it might develop.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

I have ones I started in 2007 that will have full one-gallon root-systems come next spring. Talk about rewarding! These are as gorgeous as any grafted maple. My seeds came from an old collection of mainly cultivated/grafted trees.


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