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tropic_of_chesapeake(z7a Md AA Co)July 5, 2013

On a recent trip along the coast of Maine I saw some beautiful native plants. I was so tempted to dig some from along the roadside to take home. I took some pictures instead and was hoping for some help with identifying these beauties. Ultimately I'd love to order some from a reputable nursery. One that I didn't get a picture of was called a Banana fern by one local lady I spoke with in Lubec. She told me that when they are dug up the roots looks like a brown banana. The others are attached with the pictures in this and the following posts.

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tropic_of_chesapeake(z7a Md AA Co)

A fern from the trip. Green stems.

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tropic_of_chesapeake(z7a Md AA Co)

The other fern. Note the black stems.

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The top one we always called Devil's Paintbrush, but more commonly it is known as Hawkweed (Pilosella aurantiaca). As I recall, it comes in 2 colors, yellow and orange, or maybe they are 2 species. I have a little sprig growing here, been here for years. Not native, but the soils in ME are close enough to the Alpine soils it comes from so that in ME (maybe other places), it is invasive.

Don't know the fern.

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Both ferns are the same, bracken fern (Pteridium aquilinum), just one is older than the other and the stems have darkened.

I agree with the other ID. Hawkweed isn't a native, and is in the same family as dandelions. It is invasive in both the north-east and midwest. It has fluffy puffs of seeds rather like very small dandelions, and also spreads vegetatively, creating new rosettes of leaves off the original plant.

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Looking for perennial. I'm new to maine starting over.. Is there anyone out there wanting to thin out their garden..only thing I have to trade is some chives..and eggs

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