Bloodgood Jamanese Maple

pamacsMay 19, 2009

I got a this maple tree for mother's day that we planted in the garden.Yesterday the tree still looked okay, but today all the leafs are crumpled looks dry. Recently we had over an inch rain some water was sitting around the tree. Could that be a cause for the dried leafs? Is my tree died out? Can I do something to save the tree at this point? We have a one year guarantee for the tree. Should I return it?

Thank you for your help and answers.

Best regards

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Japanese maples must have excellent drainage. Perhaps that is your problem.

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It's my understanding that they needs lots of H20 & especially in the summer months - for new plantings. I planted one last spring (May) that was ~ 3 ft tall, gave it ample H20, but not everyday. It still got some of the 'summer burn' that the gardner who sold it to me told me abt. But it did pretty good last summer. The leaves fell off in fall & it was bare in the winter. I live in NC. This past March, it came back w/ beautiful leaves. Then I, the non-green thumb having person I am, sprayed Ortho. Weed-B-Gone Max around the tree for weeds in the vicinity - that's when the leaves on the bottom became crumpled - the rest of the leaves looked fine. It was suggested that I give the tree plenty of H20 to wash the 'poison' away from the roots - I did that. The tree has survived & I just pulled off the crumpled leaves on the bottom.

I would say to give the tree plenty of H2O & pull any crumpled leaves off it they're bothering you.

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Thank you for all your help. I have replanted the tree in a big pot with some mulch on top, has direct sun and shade as well, and I am giving plenty of H20 as of now hoping that I will see a sign of life on the tree shortly. I also hope that I did not further damage the tree with the replanting process. I would rather raise the tree back to health then to return it.

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I recently planted a Bloodgood and I am experiencing the same issues with some leaves turning brown/drying out. We have had a bunch of rain as well. I'm going to leave it in the ground and see what happens... I'll keep you posted:)

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