thank you!!

springplanter(7a)May 19, 2012

To Henrietta and everyone:

Thanks for a great day, good plants, good food and good people!

Special thanks to Henrietta for once again welcoming us all to her incredible garden and peaceful environment. Your generosity is remarkable

Until next year, its become an event like Thanksgiving and New Years, waiting and planning

Best Carol

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Wonderful swap (as always)! Thank you, Henrietta, for your continued hospitality and sharing your amazing gardens.

Until next time....


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Yes, yes! I had the best time seeing everyone! Thanks to all for participating! And special thanks to Henrietta for hosting. I got such a kick out of seeing your excitement to get new plants. Looking at your gardens, I can't imagine that you want for anything, but I guess when you're a gardener new things always sound fun. Your excitement is my favorite memory of the day.

Looking forward to next year...


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It was a great pleasure to see everyone again this spring and to include some new comers.

Henrietta - bless you for being the amazing and beautiful kind soul that you are. I'm so sorry that you were not feeling good and wanted to give you mucho big hugs and kisses before heading back to Virginia. I hope you are feeling better and hope to hear from you soon.


Ronda (Whodewho)

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Wanted to send a shout out to all the wonderful ladies who reserved me my new goodies. I'm like a kid in a candy store with my new plants.

Towards the end of the swap, I took a last glance of remaining plants to assist with not leaving the host with any unclaimed items and found one name the Easter Egg Plant. Never heard of it and the owner was not around. My thoughts went directly to my 5-year old daughter and it was a must have. Had no clue what it was but quickly became friends on the way home. After planting the too cool of a name of a plant, I had to look it up and get some research. Oh My Goodness - I inherited a gem. I would like to thank the person who brought the plant but don't know who to thank. When (notice how I didn't put the if word) I have success with the Easter Egg Plant, I'm going to dry the seeds out and bring for the next swap.

During my research I read that there is a Pumpkin Tree and then my Mom told me someone had one and didn't I see it? Why no, I sure did but I would have inherited two gems going home with me. Would the person with Easter Egg Plant be the same person who had a Pumpkin Tree? Any chance of getting seeds?

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