Japanese Maple and sun

jimh6278May 10, 2012

My problem is I have what is probably a 30+ YO Japanese Maple that has lived its life under a large elm tree. In Salt Lake. The tree has been subjected to morning and afternoon sun but the Elm shades it from noon sun. The Japanese Maple has smaller, but not fine, solid green leaves with 5 fingers. The roots are always shaded and the tree has a sprinkler head devoted to it. Plenty of water.

I need to get the Elm out of the yard. It is in the way of a very nice 8 YO Red Maple. Unfortunately, it will be a few years before the Red Maple can top the Japanese Maple and provide relief from the mid-day sun. So my question:

How much risk am I running of losing the Japanese Maple when I remove the Elm and are there any steps I can take to mitigate the risk.

Thanks, Jim

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Sounds like you have an acer palmatum. If the elm has to go i would start by doing it this fall after all leaves have dropped. Instead of removing its umbrella right before summer. I wouldnt think you would loose a 30 yr. old tree that can handle sun anyway,especially if the roots are not disturbed.There might be some leaf stressing the first year or two. IMHO...AL

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