Is this maple ok

Higgsr1May 6, 2013

Is there anything wrong with this little ukigumo maple tree. Are it's leaves supposed to look like that. It's in part shade under a large tree.

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It's great!,the name translates to 'Floating Clouds' because of the whiteness of the leaves.If you're lucky,in a good year it can look almost completely white making it my absolute favourite maple.There's actually quite a lot out there that don't have or have lost their whiteness,so enjoy it.The trick to keeping the white leaves is not to encourage it to grow fast,so keep it in the shady position and easy on the fertiliser....nice little plant :)

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Ok...good. I'm not used to the way japanese maples leaves are crinkly and twisted. Thanks

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With that particular cultivar, the leaf is described as "sickle shaped" - all new growth comes out deformed into an arc or sickle shape rather than a flat palm. And the heavier the variegation, the more distorted and contorted the foliage will be.

Nothing to worry about - perfectly normal :-)

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google it and see your tree looks purrrfect!

Here is a link that might be useful: google

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Thanks for all the info.

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