HAVE: Had a great time at the swap!

juliat(z7 VA)May 6, 2006

Thanks for hosting, gardengramma, thanks for organizing the lists, chrismd 7, and thanks to everyone who gave me plants and food!

Tomorrow I will take a picture of the bed I made when I got home -- with a lovely red azalea (who gave me that? was it you, Cecilia?), calycanthus, tricyrtis, and astilbes -- gorgeous. Some great trades and freebies will be planted elsewhere in the yard, but this was all I had time to do today. I decided to widen the garden bed, and that took time -- thanks again for the manure, Prof. Dirt! I also planted the hydrangeas, but they're not in view near the azalea bed. They are going to anchor the corners of the back of our house, creating a little mystery for people before they round each corner.

The baby hellebores and remaining shade plants will get planted in back tomorrow; then I'll work on sun beds and edibles -- my husband and children are looking forward to the mints and the cilantro, and of course, I'll enjoy the peppers, leeks and tomatoes, and the salvias and other flowering plants. What a super swap!


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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

Julie, you left without me getting your bag 'o seeds back to you! I'll bring them to the fall swap for you. In the meanwhile, if it ever rains at my house, I will try to sow some of these lovelies!

I hope the person who picked up my hostas 'Lancifolia' and 'Kirtan' enjoys them. They were marked "Do not take," but evidently, judging by common complaint, many people didn't seem to understand what that means. I'm hoping those who didn't, by virtue of being new or excited, learn the meaning of that term between now and the fall swap. After all, a 2nd timer isn't a newbie any more, right!? In the meanwhile, those hosta are shade lovers. Barbara, fall trade will bring those to you as they should have been!

Thanks (all!) for thinking of me. I really appreciate all the concern and generosity.

Henrietta? As always, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Thanks for hosting us again!


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It was fun! It was my first time and my friend curlybrian brought me. I met some very nice people. I swapped alot of my white irises and grape hyacinths for some unusual and interesting things and I look forward to coming back in the fall. How does one arrange big trades such as for shrubs?

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juliat(z7 VA)

There are two ways to trade for shrubs. One, prearrange it. Before the swap, look at the "Haves" thread on the Exchanges page, and see who posts that they have shrubs. Send that person an email with a list of plants you have to trade (or a link to it) and ask if they would be willing to trade the shrubs for something you have.

Second method: show up early, look for shrubs in front of vehicles, politely ask if they are available to anyone (not a pre-arranged trade for someone else), and (if you can) offer to exchange plants or brownies!

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