Planting time for peas and potatoes?

heirloom_lady(z5 OH)March 30, 2005

When do you plant peas and potatoes? I just got my shipment of potatoes and was thinking about planting them this weekend, and maybe some peas too. It's not too early is it? Just can't wait to dig in the dirt again.


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Lee True Hulcher

Hey there Sherry,
I am a zone above you(Z4), but I plant my Peas on April 15th and my potatoes on mother's day. The old timers told me that they planted thier potatoes when the lilacs leafed out, here in my area, of Montana. hope that helps.

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ohiorganic(5/6 SW Ohio)

Too early for potatoes in Ohio. wait at least until mid month but beginning of May is better

peas will do great if planted right now.

When you get your taters get them out of the bags and into indirect sun to green up for at least 7 days.

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jayreynolds(zone 6/7)

remember that potatoes take some 2-3 weeks to push out of the soil, then count back from your last expected frost date. Uusally, even if hit by a late frost taters will resprout at soil level, but will be set back. If frost threatens and they are emerging, just begin to hill them up or have mulch ready for standby. Mulch or hilling needs to be done anyway, so I'm taking the chance with mulch as a backup protection.
Commercial growers use overhead irrigation during frost events.

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heirloom_lady(z5 OH)

Thanks all for your feedback. Guess I'll wait a bit to plant. Rain and snow are forecast for this weekend which kind of puts a damper on my planting fever. I'll try to get the peas in next weekend and wait a couple more weeks for the potatoes.

Ohiorganic, I did take the potatoes out of the bag, and I laid them in a flat plastic crate in the basement. They're on a shelf close to my grow lights. Will that be the same as indirect sunlight to green them up? By greening up do you mean they actually turn green, and will they be ok if I don't plant them for 2 or 3 weeks?

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Keep in mind what zones are - the average lowest winter temperature. They have nothing to do with first and last frost or the number of growing days. Zone doesn't matter when it comes to spring planting.

An example of how zones don't apply to this - my daughter and I live 1800 miles apart but both in zone 4. It's been in the 70's at her house, no snow, spring flowers are blossoming. I still have snow on frozen ground.

Hope that helps!

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i found quite by accident that planting potatoes later than usual for my area (Hudson valley NY) outsmarts the potato beetle by missing its reproductive cycle. i planted them in mid june that first year, and it was great! the second year that date seemed a bit too late. this year i'll try for mid to late may. good luck!

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I am in Z 5, nw Pa., and I have been planting the 1st taters about mid April; they are ready, usually, near the same time as those put in near May 10. Last year the tops were burned off on June 4 and 10 by a hard frost, I saw no reduction in yield.

Do you all cut your seed potatoes or no? I cut mine then let set until sacbbed over.

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