Favorite solid yellow hosta

irawon(5a Ottawa)July 22, 2012

Sun Power is still one of my favorite solid yellow hostas.This one was planted in 2007 and has done fairly well despite competition with tree roots. I would love to see pictures of your favorite SOLID yellow hostas.

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That's my Sun Power in various light

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

can any of you believe .. that this is one that i can not grow with any success.. ever.. and i tried a lot..

my only conclusion.. is that it doesnt like sand..


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Sun Power is still a favorite of mine, but Solar Flare is catching up fast. I've already posted pictures of those on other threads, so I'll go with Piedmont Gold, this is the 2nd yr for it but it is looking good tho a
tad bit the worse for wear.

I also like Daybreak but it has a terrible case of heat stress in its first year so I'm not taking its picture.


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Whooooooooah do I have some golden or yellow favorites? I have several which are becoming very interesting plants. On a given day I cannot decide if they are a shade of green or maybe tending to yellow. But one which is going more yellow because of direct sun is The Shining.

Then my total favorite, Fried Bananas, which is so full it is spilling out over the pot:

Then I'm impressed by Rosedale Golden Goose. It is stiff as a board, holds its leaves horizontally, so creates shade for its own roots. It is a pleasure to have it, and I thank Hallsons for choosing it as my bonus a few orders back:

My Sun Power is still rocking along looking fine but not having any huge spurt of growth. Hopefully it will have a summer flush very soon.

Then there is Zounds--I thought it would be a SMALL hosta, but I read that it will become a Large! I think it finally decided to grow when it began to rain regularly

Of course, Squash Casserole is a nice yellow which started out the season in a flurry of growth and now is just sitting there:

And then Faith....it is taking the most sun of any I have, sitting as it does at the edge of the afternoon shaded area. Thus its top leaves are fading to a creamy color as the days go by, with the lower leaves remaining this yellow. Very nice in my estimation.

If you want to count Curly Fries as a yellow, it is that! I wasn't impressed with it at first, but now it is looking very unique. The yellow of the squirrelly leaves is bleaching more every day, although it gets less direct light than Faith does. There are two plants in this one pot:

And that's all I've got to say about that. :)

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Hosta 'Squash Casserole'

Beats H. 'Jimmy Crack Corn' here, so far.


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squirejohn zone4 VT

Sum and Substance

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Thanks for your pictures everyone.

Wieslaw, I had no idea Sun Power could get that gold. I guess mine is more chartreuse than yellow.

Ken, have you considered using spin out bags for those hostas that don't like sand. I haven't looked into them yet myself.

Mosswitch, Piedmont Gold is a lovely hosta. I lost mine last year.

Moccasin, I've added The Shining, Rosedale Golden Goose, and Fried Bananas to my list. I believe Faith gets pretty big doesn't it? I'll post a pic of my mature Zounds if noone else does.

HH, your Sqush Casserole is awesome. I love the way you've set it into the landscape.. I hope to find room for that one. I bought Jimmy Crack Corn last year because its a medium, right?. Do you have a picture of a mature JCC?

Squirejohn, your Sum and Substance is lovely. I like it a lot with what I believe are astilbes in front.. I bought 'Small Sum' 2 years ago and have to move it because its stretching towards more sun. I hope it will look as nice as your S&S eventually.

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On the smaller side: Golden Scepter

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Ken, I don't think it's the sand. I have sand and my two Sun Powers, one in sun and one in part shade, have always done just fine. Sometimes I think certain plants just don't like us. I can't grow Blue Angel or Montana Aureo. for example and I've certainly tried. My Blue Angel is 16 years old with two eyes. About 3 leaves on one of the eyes are like mature ones and that's it. I personally think it hates me. Myrle

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Some of my yellow hosta.All are young plants yet but August moon is turning and also a few others too

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city lights is going to be a beauty when it grow but seems to like the morning sun lots

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I guess August Moon is another that is getting more yellow as the sun beats down in the west. Not too sure why Myrle hasn't posted her's as she has the nicest ones I have ever seen up close and personal.

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What a handy thread! I will put it in my clippings file, so all the REAL yellow/gold plants being grown by folks who frequent the Hosta Forum will be nicely gathered in one spot.

Thanks for starting the subject,Irawon. Gold/yellow hosta are right up there with plantagineas on my favorites list. With or without a narrow green margin, I might add.

Never saw a Jimmy Cracked Corn so look forward to it being uploaded. Also the big Zounds I want to see, thought it would be a small plant since it is now such a pot hugger.
Been meaning to get Piedmont Gold also, the mama of my Satisfaction NOID.

Myrle, how could a hosta ever hate you, who have nurtured them so lovingly! Send it to Ken for a little dryway therapy, and it will come home with a different attitude I betcha.

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AlmostHooked, I missed the names on yours before, just noticed you have a Rich Uncle, and I have that one shipping this week--today in fact. I resisted as long as I could. But I think it will be a sweet member of the garden family. Maybe next is Sugar Daddy or something like that.....:)

I ordered two of the August Moon, and two Gold Standard. Those along with Honeybells x 2 might wind up being my in-the-ground experiment for next spring. Something which takes more sun is a good idea, and these are among the easier to grow and least expensive.

Great thread. Keep em coming!!

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A few favorite yellows

A new one this year - really nice.

This plant is amazing. Am I the only one that has it? It's thick, fast growing, sun tolerant. That's a bit of Jewel of the Nile and Queen of the Seas (turning green) in the picture. The color hasn't been altered but is very intense and accurate.

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Wow, Myrle, you always blow me away with your pictures and the way hosta just love to grow for you.

I see a bit of a white back on that Ruffed Up.....which makes it a very desirable hosta. I think the heavy substanced hosta stand a better chance of making it through the growing season here, but the next two months will prove it one way or another.

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Irawon, new leaves on mine are the same colour as yours. Last year I potted a big piece of it to sell on our local plant market. It was absolutely GORGEOUS. People shied away from it, they thought it was sick.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

"People shied away from it, they thought it was sick."
Wieslaw that is funny. I can't stop laughing.

McTavish stop it. I don't have room or the energy to plant that many.

Almosthooked, thanks for showing us your August Moon.

Moccasin, here's a pic of my 'Zounds' from last year, which was planted in 2007. I think it would grow bigger without root competition. The tall plant to its right is a weed I've been trying to eradicate for some time. It looks like Solomen's Seal but isn't.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Oops hostahosta, I meant to comment on Golden Sceptre. For some reason I thought this was a big plant. Good to know there are some pretty small hostas as GS to brighten that little space in your garden.

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Some hostas don't like McTavish? I would never have guessed that.

And I certainly wouldn't think Blue Angel and montana A. would be two of them. I've got Blue Angels all over the place, and they are all doing fine. And one of my montana A.s is the biggest hosta in my yard.

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Irawon asked about Hosta 'Jimmy Crack Corn':



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Irawon asked about Hosta 'Jimmy Crack Corn':



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HH, I am incredulous over your Squash Casserole picture. Honestly, that is a huge plant. I had no idea......

And then the Jimmy Crack Corn, I just clicked BUY on one of those and .....well, let's say I had to take my shoes off to count that high for the number of hosta I got.

One being Little Sun Spot, another Gold Drop, and you started me on the Boas, I got a Feather Boa...Little spots of gold here and there like nuggets near the big dudes which have some gold in them too.

I'm trying to spell one hosta and it keeps confusing me, so I'll go to the Hostapedia for it: not a gold, but ....well, I'm on the subject here so may I?
"UNDULATA UNIVITTATA" I know I saw double T's but not sure where to put them now......guess it is bed time here.

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garden_crazy(z5 N IL)

Squash Casserole took full day sun and our hottest summer on record with more than 30 days over 90 and still is holding up remarkably well. Also love Tickle Me Pink, Atom Smasher, Stardust, Jimmy Crack Corn, Maui Buttercups, Lakeside Party Dress, Zounds, Blaze of Glory and Dancing Queen. Sorry no time now to figure out pics. -And Parhelion over Sum and Substance.

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I haven't given up but here are two of the ones that won't grow for me. I am shocked myself at how long I've had Blue Angel. I've not given up and have bought another one to plant in way more sun but meanwhile, I've pulled soil away from the roots thinking it was too deep and cut down some lilac branches to see if giving it more light will work. We'll see.

The Montana one is also weird in another way. It is NEVER the first one up yet it sure looks like the right plant in every other way. I've also had 3 other Montana Aureo's. One died in a pot. Two dwindled away to where they are now less than a mini. I often have trouble if there is Montana in the background of a plant and find them slow. The Stardust in the picture is a Montana cross but it at least is growing.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

McTavish, my Blue Angel with root competition that I planted in 2007 is quite a large plant but I wish it had the colour of your smaller one. Mine kind of looks blah. Your montana Aureo certainly looks healthy. Hav you considered buying another plant?

HH, thanks for the pic. Your Jimmy Crack Corn looks wonderul. Hope mine doesn't grow that large. I may not have given him enough space.

Moccasin, You'll love your Little Sunspot. I'm adding this thread to my clippings too.

Thanks everyone for your great input.

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