HAVE: Saffron & other Herbs...want edging, pavers

jane_artistJuly 6, 2008

I am completely re-doing my herb/veg. garden and turning it into a "Sqare Foot" raised-bed garden. Trades will need to be in-person, not by mail, so the closer to Laurel, MD the better.

I have:

Saffron (dormant corms)

Sage (grown in pots)

Oregano (grown in pots)

Lavender "Spike" (grown in pots)

creeping Thyme (will dig)


Rudbeckia laciniata (Cutleaf Conflower) in pots

Miscanthus (probably reddish blooms) ornamental grass in pots

Coreopsis lanceolata in pots

Heirloom Amaryllis Vittatum--19th Century variety in pots

Scented Geraniums--lemon and rose scents in pots

I need anything that can be used to make raised beds such as:



cinder blocks

clean lumber

plastic edging

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