wanted: exchange list for 10/18 ssfs fall swap

cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)July 23, 2005

I know this is jumping the gun, but I'm just too excited.

I am going to be looking for mums, preferably burgundy, and 'Purple Dome.'

I am seeking 'Red Hot Poker Flower' What a fabulous plant!

Anything red.

I'd love to find more Obedient Plant

If anyone has any truly burgundy or copper/gold/orange iris (believe it or not) I'd like to find some of those colors.

And did I mention anything red anyone wants to share with me?

Don't forget that I get leftover liriope no one wants. Oh, make it easy... I'll take all the leftovers, given the fact I have a ton of space for them!

I can't wait and thanks all!


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you mean the 15th (I hope)

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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

So isn't there someone who can erase my excited mistake? (feeling pretty stupid...)


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I'm looking for Peonies! Anyone have any for the swap???!

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Christine, if I can get some asters out of someone else (no nekkid legged asters need apply), I'll happily dig up my Purple Dome for you.


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kimka(Zone 6B)

Due to the size 15 EEE shoes and ladder dragging of a construction worker, I am looking for

Black eyed susans (he got a whole bed of them)
Hostas-he got an assortment of big blue leaved hostas and light green and dark green two toned hostas although the poor Paul's glory has put out one new leaf since he broke it off and pounded it down
Hardy begonia
Sweet woodruff
Brunnera--plain green, looking glass and jack frost
Chameleon plant
Ostrich and Cinnamon ferns
Red or pink astible
Corydalis blue blooming

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Kim.. I've got hosta's( ( green with cream edges, and solid green )they both bloom blue/purple flowers.. for you and Black-eyed Susans if you want them. Nothing fancy on the hosta...but they are a nice size.

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Ok - I see I will have to wrassle Christine for liriope. I need enough to make a 50 foot ribbon edging.

Also I would like to have non-ditch daylilies in light colors, pinks or yellows preferably. I would especially like to have a lot of "Happy Returns".

This request is for a neighborhood garden project. My own garden is FULL UP with gifts from y'all.

Thanks in advance! - Chris

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If you have something somebody wants, and you e-mail the person directly to set up the swap, instead of posting it on the thread, the thread will be easier to read.

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Phlox divaricata - wild sweet william
Verbena hastata - blue vervain
Schizachryium scoparium - little bluestem
Liatris graminifolia - grassleaf/hairy blazing star
Cimicifuga racemosa - black cohosh
Chelone glabra - white turtlehead
Aster laevis - smooth blue aster
Geranium maculatum - wild geranium
Lilium superbum - Turk's cap lily
Lobelia siphilitica - great blue lobelia
Vernonia noveboracensis - New York ironweed
Helenium autumnale - yellow sneezeweed


Iris siberica - Siberian iris
Daylilies - anything except ditchlilies (ChrisMD doesn't really need them :-).)

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cmarlow41(z7 MD USA)

Black Locust "Twisty Baby"

I know these are big items, but if anybody is good at propagating, it doesn't hurt to ask!

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O.K. pholks, here is a long shot (no, it's not about jasper part II *sigh* ) We just had a few buildings built to expand our campus and one of the faculty has asked me if I could get some large (20 gallon?), NICE, flower pots to place next to the entrance doors in front of a few buildings.
Heres the deal, if some one had said flower pots to donate to the school "I" would be very greatful, in fact, I would give to this generous person a truckload of fine, finished compost for FREE (delivered within a ten mile radius)(also for free) and a hardy hand shake.
I am also sure I could get a tax write off recept (or some such) for this kind person for the value of the flower pots (if in new condition)

E-mail me at professrdirt @aol.com and let me know

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