weird Palmatifolium color - Part 2

kjskjsMay 27, 2009

Regarding a previous post about my new palmatifolium. If you switch to the "gallery" side, you will see some pics of the A.s. Palmatifolium (sorry couldn't figure out how to upload a pic on the discussion side). As I said earlier, I was expecting a light/bright green leaf color but my tree is more reddish in tone. It seems healthy and vibrant, just weird coloration. The young tree gets mostly full sun. It leafed out light green and after about 3-4 weeks it began to turn red. Any ideas?



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I think I figured out how to post pics directly in the message. Here you go. Thanks Herman for responding.

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Many green JMs color up a bit when in strong sun. I have an A.s. '6910' in nearly full sun that is doing the same thing. Normal behavior...

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Ya KJ, that does look unusual to me. I've not had colors like that on the plant I grow. I don't think it has to do with sun exposure. My tree is grown in full sun and both the inner and outer leaves are bright green through the seasons except in Autumn.

Sometimes plants express traits in youth that fade as they gain maturity. I'm interested to see if those colors hold up through the Summer and also how it colors up in Autumn. Please post again later in the season.

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Palmatifolium will turn reddish when under full sun. But they will remain Green when under shade. As compare to other green maples, which will get burnt on the tips when under full Sun, Palmatifolium is a good alternative. Not to mention the beautiful fall colors.

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